Pump fed sieve filter

Compact version of the UltraSieve for use only in a pump fed configuration. Very easy to use: a dirty water pond pump is connected directly to the CompactSieve input. The water flows through the sieve which removes all particle matter down to a size of 300 micron. The CompactSieve must always be installed above pond level. Now available in dark green and granite blue.

  • As a particle remover directly next to the pond or to a waterfall/stream return to pond.
  • As a mechanical particle waste pre-filter before surface mounted biological stages.
  • As a mechanical pre-filter for existing trickle filter systems.
  • The unit can be connected to a pond vacuum cleaner and the returned water from the vacuum cleaner can be fed into the input hose tail through a T-piece or directly. For extra particle removal and saving your precious matured pond water.
  • The unit can be connected to an existing pumped pond skimmer system. The unit must be mounted above pond water level.

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