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View our Pond Pumps, Pond Filters, Water treatment products, UV-C devices and the rest of the range easily online here. AquaForte stands for reliable, innovative pond products for the construction and maintenance of your pond. By constantly looking for innovations in the pond market and developing its own products, AquaForte can guarantee a complete and high-quality product range. The result is a clean, clear pond with optimum pond water quality.

Unique in Swimming Ponds & Biopools

You will find all necessary products for each type of swimming pond under one roof at AquaForte!

AquaForte is the swimming pond brand within the largest swimming pool products group in the world: Fluidra Group. This results in a unique and complete range for swimming ponds through the combination of specialist pond and pool knowledge. The focus is on compact, easy to install and maintenance-friendly filter systems. By means of mechanical and biological filtration, swimming pond water is kept in top condition, without the addition of chemicals!

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Featured AquaForte products:

Variable speed pond pumps from AquaForte

Within the range of pond pumps AquaForte has several variable speed pumps. These Vario pond pumps are equipped with an external controller, which makes it easy to adjust the water flow. This allows you to create the desired water flow in your pond, waterfall or stream.

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BeadFilters from AquaForte

Bead filters are among the most reliable and compact filter systems for various types of (swimming) ponds. The big advantage is that a Bead filter for both biological and fine mechanical filtration (up to 10 microns, finer than a sand filter!). This means in practice that the water is crystal clear and healthy both humans and fish. An UltraBead filter only needs a maximum of 1m2 in the technical room.

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Water treatment of AquaForte

To keep your water in top condition you should regularly check your water values and add water treatment and water improvement products. AquaForte water conditioners help you achieve, restore and maintain the natural balance in your pond.

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UV-C units from AquaForte

UV-C equipment offers the solution against green water and is therefore indispensable in every (swimming) pond or pool. UV-C affects the DNA of bacteria, viruses and algae so that they disappear. The result is clear and healthy water. UV-C is an environmentally friendly technique, which greatly reduces the maintenance of ponds and swimming pools!

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