Enjoy your pond to the full

AquaForte offers a wide range of pond accessories that make it even easier to maintain your pond and look after your fish.

AquaForte Pond Applications overview


A heat pump ensures that you have a completely frost-free pond and a better temperature for the fish.

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AquaForte Skimmer

AquaForte offers a wide range of user-friendly floating skimmers (with and without pump) and wall skimmers.

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Koi vats

AquaForte Koi Vats

Temporary accommodations for your koi and other fish

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A waterfall in your pond is not only beautiful and soothing, but also provides aeration.

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Handling nets

AquaFrote Handling nets

Catching your fish when you want to clean the pond or inspect the fish. Removing debris or unwanted plant growth from your pond.

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Pond vacuum cleaners

AquaForte Pond Vacuum Cleaner

A pond vacuum cleaner is an ideal solution for removing excess debris from the bottom of the pond.

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