AquaForte Pond Accessories

AquaForte offers a wide range of pond accessories that make it even easier to maintain your pond and look after your fish.

AquaForte accessories overview

AquaForte Automatic Fishfeeder 8L

Totally new concept in design and reliability. Suited for moist weather conditions. Easy to install. The lid has a special compartment for silica gel/desiccants to keep the food extra dry. Can hold up to 8 liter of food. Easy to expand to 15 liters by adding an extra container on top. Can feed pellets from 3 to 10 mm. Not suited for dried shrimps/insects.

  • 1 – 6 feeding times per day.
  • Adjustable food amount from 5 g to 3 kg per day.
  • 0 – 9 days interval options.
  • No memory loss after power off.
  • 8 liter food capacity (expandable to 15 liter).

Versatile power options (not included):
– 4 AA batteries;
– Rechargeable battery pack;
– Power adapter;
– Solar panel.

SK670 Automatic Fish Feeder 8 Liter
SK674 7 Liter extra container
SK676 Solar panel
SK678 Rechargeable battery pack
SK672 Power adapter
SK682 5 meter extension cable for adapter

AquaForte Automatic Fishfeeder

Use the tripod to install the AquaForte FishFeeder higher above the water level.


  • Can feed up to 6 times a day
  • Amount of food per feed can be set
  • Option of giving extra food manually
  • Feeding capacity: 5 litres
  • LED display shows the clock and feeding parameter
  • Low-battery indicator
  • Battery-operated (batteries not supplied) or with the 12V transformer supplied, with 5 metres of cable
  • Lid and food holder can be removed for easy maintenance
  • With mounting supports
SK648 AquaForte Automatic Fishfeeder
SK647 Tripod for AquaForte Fishfeeder

AquaForte Dosatech Dosage Pump


  • Dispenses liquid solutions such as water treatment products and bacteria into your pond’s piping system.
  • User-friendly 3-button operation
  • User-friendly 3-button operation
  • Dosage from 0 to 600 seconds per dosage
SL231 Dosatech dosage pump

AquaForte Pond Garden LED Lightning

With AquaForte’s LED lighting you can also enjoy your pond and garden in the dark. The lamps can be used both wet and dry. They have a light sensor, so they switch on and off automatically. The 1,6 watt version does not have a light sensor, but does have red, yellow, green and blue color disks.

SG165 HP1-1 1 x 1,6 watt (12 volt)
SG166 HP1-3 3 x 1,6 watt (12 volt)
SG150 HP3-1 1 x3 watt (12 volt)
SG151 HP3-3 3 x 3 watt (12 volt)
SG155 HP6-1 1 x 6 watt (12 volt)
SG156 HP6-3 3 x 6 watt (12 volt)
SG160 HP12-1 1 x 12 watt (12 volt)
SG161 HP 12-3 3 x 12 watt (12 volt)

AquaForte GardenSniper

Motion activated sprinkler will startle and scare off animals with a short squirt of water. Do not use in case of frost. Runs on a 9V battery (not included).

SB332 GardenSniper