Why would I heat my pond?

Your pond could freeze over during the winter, rendering your fish more susceptible to diseases. You can therefore choose to heat your pond by means of a heat pump. A heat pump ensures that you have a completely frost-free pond and a better temperature for the fish.

Advantages of heating a pond:

  • It eliminates the chance of frost damage
  • Fish are more likely to stay healthy during the winter and have greater resistance after the winter
  • The filter stays more active at warmer temperatures
  • The pond water achieves balance faster in the spring
  • Extends the pond season because of higher water temperatures

AquaForte Heat Pumps

AquaForte Heat Pumps


A WiFi module can be added to AquaForte heat pumps as an optional extra so that you can operate your heat pump from anywhere in the world via the Internet.


With AquaForte’s heat pumps you will be heating your pond in an energy-efficient and energy-conscious manner. This is because the outside air supplies 80% of the energy that the heat pump needs to run. Because even when the sun is not shining the air is full of energy. This means that only 20% electrical energy is needed to drive the heat pump.

The pump offers even more advantages:

  • High efficiency
  • High-quality components
  • Also works at low outside temperatures (as low as -10°C)
  • Low-noise operation
  • Can be operated via the control panel or WiFi (optional)
  • With timer function
  • Can also be used as a cooler/chiller

Technical Specs

SC686 AQF-8 240 1,44 kW 6,57 7,8 kW 10-20 m³
SC687 AQF-10 240 1,73 kW 7,85 9,8 kW 20-40 m³
SC688 AQF-13 240 2,36 kW 10,72 12,8 kW 40-60 m³
SC689 AQF-17 240 3,15 kW 14,31 17 kW 60-80 m³
SC690 AQF-17 3P 400 3,15 kW 5,25 17,4 kW 60-80 m³
SC691 AQF-21 3P 400 3,96 kW 6,6 21 kW 80-100 m³
SC693 AQF-26 3P 400 4,73 kW 7,9 26 kW 100-120 m³
SC695 WiFi module