Why would I heat my pond?

Your pond could freeze over during the winter, rendering your fish more susceptible to diseases. You can therefore choose to heat your pond by means of a heat pump. A heat pump ensures that you have a completely frost-free pond and a better temperature for the fish.

Advantages of heating a pond:

  • It eliminates the chance of frost damage
  • Fish are more likely to stay healthy during the winter and have greater resistance after the winter
  • The filter stays more active at warmer temperatures
  • The pond water achieves balance faster in the spring
  • Extends the pond season because of higher water temperatures

AquaForte Heat Pumps

AquaForte ProfiHeater Stainless Steel Pond Heater


With thermostat (up to 40° C). includes: 2 hose tails 25/32/40mm and PVC fittings 50/63mm. 230V.

SC517 ProfiHeater 1KW Stainless Steel 5 m³
SC518 ProfiHeater 2KW Stainless Steel 10 m³
SC519 ProfiHeater 3KW Stainless Steel 15 m³

AquaForte Mr. Silence Full Inverter Heat Pump


  • Unique Full Inverter technique
  • Patented unique design
  • Silent operation
  • Save twice as much on energy (costs)
  • Wi-Fi control with your smartphone

The new AquaForte Mr. Silence heat pumps have a unique inverter technology. This “full inverter” control is only used by a few manufacturers (most manufacturers use “step inverters” that are less stable and produce more noise). This technique provides very convincing performances (only 40dB noise level and COP levels up to 16). AquaForte Mr. Silence has a user friendly design with touch display. The patented “back discharge” design provides a unique air circulation; air is sucked in from the sides and is blown out through the back. This reduces the impact for installation. The AquaForte Mr. Silence heat pumps are provided with Wi-Fi and can be controlled with an APP on Apple or Android devices.

SC948 MS110 230V 1-phase 230 0.22~1.64 10
SC949 MS130 230V 1-phase 230 0.26~1.80 12
SC950 MS170 230V 1-phase 230 0.33~2.50 15
SC951 MS210 230V 1-phase 230 0.38~2.90 17
SC952 MS280 400V 3-phases 400 0.49~3.80 20