Koi vats

Temporary accommodations for your koi and other fish

AquaForte Quality Koi Vats


Can be used as:

  • Temporary accommodation for your koi
  • Quarantine vat
  • Show vat
  • Breeding tank

AquaForte koi vats can quickly be set up and dismantled. The liner is 1mm thick.

SG210 Ø 100 X 60 cm 470 liter
SG212 Ø 150 X 60 cm 1050 liter
SG214 Ø 150 X 100 cm 1600 liter
SG216 Ø 200 x 60 cm 1800 liter
SG218 Ø 200 x 100 cm 2800 liter
SG220 Ø 250 x 100 cm 4375 liter
SG222 Ø 300 x 100 cm 6300 liter
SG224 Cover net Ø 100
SG225 Cover net Ø 150
SG226 Cover net Ø 200
SG227 Cover net Ø 250
SG228 Cover net Ø 300

AquaForte Flexible Koi Bowls


These handy folding koi bowls are easy to set up. They are supplied with a bag so that they can easily be transported. They have detachable netting.

Art. nr. Size Volume
SG230 Ø 90 cm x H 60 cm ± 380 liter
SG232 Ø 120 cm x H 60 cm ± 680 liter
SG234 Ø 180 cm x H 60 cm ±1500 liter

AquaForte Blue Fish Bowl


The blue fish bowl is ideal for inspecting your fish.

Art. nr. Size Volume
SB997 Ø 52/42 x H22 cm ± 50 liter
SB998 Ø 66/59 x H31 cm ± 100 liter

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