Why is a waterfall or stream functional for your pond?

A waterfall in your pond is not only beautiful and soothing, but also provides aeration. This is because a waterfall constantly enriches the pond water with oxygen.

AquaForte Waterfalls

AquaForte FilterFalls


Enjoy the beauty of natural falls in your waterscape with AquaForte FilterFalls. Apart from creating the visual and aural qualities of a waterfall, FilterFalls units provide biological water filtration and aeration. The filtration properties of FilterFalls’ Bio-tech mats and media help establish a balanced ecosystem for plants and fish to thrive in. FilterFalls units are designed to be easily camoufl aged with natural materials and easily accessed for routine maintenance.

  • Rugged high-density polyethylene shell
  • Open swirl chamber for enhanced water flow through filter media
  • Upflow design, Bio-Tech filter pads, and media bags (media not included) provide exceptional biological filtration
  • Extra-wide spillways for a dramatic waterfall and superior aeration
  • Designed to be easily camoufl aged with natural materials and plants
  • Each unit includes FIPT bulkhead fitting, media bag, filter pad, removable bottom grate and liner attachment flange
Art.nr. Type Width waterfall Size Max Flow m³/h Bottom grate
SG303 FilterFall 35 35 cm 41 x 51 x 36 cm 5,5-9,5 Yes
SG305 FilterFall 43 43 cm 48 x 57 x 36 cm 7,5-11 Yes

AquaForte FastFalls


Easily add a waterfall or stream to a new or existing water feature. With spillways ranging from 35, 62 and 92 cm, all come with bulkhead, liner attachment flange, and top grate for easy camouflaging.

Art.nr. Type Width Waterfall SIZE Max. Flow m³/h Connection
SG361 FastFall 35 35 cm 40 x 28 23 cm 7,5 50 mm
SG363 FastFall 62 62 cm 68 x 28 x 25 cm 15 63 mm
SG365 FastFall 92 92 cm 95 x 33 x 23 cm 23 63 mm