AquaForte: powerful house brand of SIBO Fluidra

AquaForte has been the exclusive brand of SIBO Fluidra since 2007.

A total concept that guarantees reliable and professional products aimed at the construction and maintenance of ornamental ponds, koi ponds, swimming ponds and swimming pools. Because SIBO Fluidra is constantly looking for innovations and developments in the market and develops its own products, AquaForte can guarantee a high quality product line now and in the future.

“Together with our suppliers we are constantly looking for innovations and product improvements for the pond and pool market,” said RenĂ© Schlösser, CEO of SIBO Fluidra. “Partly for this reason, we succeed every year in presenting new products under the AquaForte brand name. We keep up that innovation drive when it comes to filter systems and water treatment.”


Wide product range

SIBO Fluidra is a total supplier in the field of ponds and swimming pools. Each product category has a wide range in various price ranges. For example, AquaForte has its own filter and pump line with well known products such as the UltraBead Bead filter, the UltraSieve pre-filter and the AquaForte (variable) pond pumps. Together with other AquaForte products such as air pumps, UV-C units and water treatment products, they ensure good quality pond or pool water.

Specialized distributor

SIBO was founded in 1993 and has grown into a specialized distributor of pond, pool, swimming pond, irrigation products and connection materials. Since July 2016, SIBO has been part of the Fluidra Group, allowing customers to purchase AstralPool and Zodiac products directly from the manufacturer in addition to AquaForte. The innovation drive of SIBO Fluidra combined with the production capacity and product knowledge of the Fluidra Group, ensures that the AquaForte range remains as complete and up-to-date as possible.