Can I heat my swimming pond?

A beautiful sunny day is perfect for a lovely swim in your natural pool. But what if the water temperature is not so good? No problem! AquaForte offers various solutions for creating the ideal water temperature in your swimming pond. In this blog we tell you how to heat your swimming pond and extend the swimming season.

Yes you can!

Despite the fact that the water temperature of a natural swimming pond is higher than the temperature of a swimming pool, it is often still too cold in the spring and autumn for pleasant swimming. Because of the natural character of a natural pool, people often think that the water cannot be heated. The opposite is true! Heating a natural pool can be done in various ways. Think of the use of a heat pump or solar collectors. AquaForte has both solutions in its range.

Yes you can!

With a heat pump you actively heat the water. A heat pump gives guaranteed and fast results. AquaForte has an extensive range of energy efficient heat pumps specifically for swimming ponds. On our website you can read more about the various options.

Both for the installation and maintenance of a heat pump you need a professional installer. The AquaForte dealer in your area will be happy to help.

Heating the swimming pond with solar collectors

An even more sustainable way to heat your swimming pond is the use of solar collectors. The collectors are heated by the sun and then give off that heat to the pond water that flows through them. Of course, with this option of heating you are dependent on the weather.

Benefits of pond heating

By heating your swimming pond with a heat pump or solar collectors, you extend the swimming season. You can enjoy pleasant swimming water not only in summer, but also in autumn and spring. You bring the water up to temperature whenever you want. Moreover, heating prevents the risk of frost damage and fish get through the winter healthily.

Clear and healthy swimming water

We recommend that you heat your swimming pond in combination with a good filter system so that you not only enjoy a pleasant water temperature, but also clear and healthy swimming water.

Biological balance

Unlike a swimming pool, a swimming pond is usually not covered. Therefore, when heating a swimming pond, allow for a bit more heat loss. Another tip: Do not heat the water in your swimming pond if it is already at a comfortable temperature. Water that is too warm can disturb the biological balance in the swimming pond, which can lead to a lack of oxygen and additional algae growth. A good filter system and proper aeration in combination with an energy-efficient pond heater is therefore important. Together this ensures plenty of swimming fun!