Koi pond projects

AquaForte koi pond projects

With the products of AquaForte, koi ponds have been constructed and maintained for many years. And with success! We have already admired many beautiful specimens. Of course with clean, clear and healthy water for those beautiful fish. Below you will find a number of projects that have been realized with the products of AquaForte.

Foto: RedKoi
Foto: TuinHelden

‘Maintenance with clean hands ‘

A frequently heard remark from koi enthusiasts and installers is that the filter systems of AquaForte are both easy to install and maintain.

“Within a few minutes I flush my system completely, without getting my hands dirty or having to change clothes”.

“With the products of AquaForte I can build compact filter systems that take up little space”.

“The filter systems provide clean, clear and healthy water for my Koi carp, without requiring much maintenance”.

“The products of AquaForte allow me to enjoy my koi to the fullest!

“AquaForte has a wide range of products, so that I can always meet the wishes of my customers.”

Your project on this page?

Do you have a project of your own that you would like to share and in which the products of AquaForte have been applied? Send them to  marketing@sibofluidra.nl with a short description.

Recommended products for Koi pond installations

For each size of a koi pond, we recommend including these products. This way you can keep your filter installation compact, energy efficient and easy to maintain:

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