Swimming pond projects

AquaForte swimming pond projects

With the products of AquaForte, beautiful swimming ponds have been constructed over the years. We would like to show you some of these projects. Let yourself be inspired by these ponds: from tight pools with biological filtration to the more natural swimming ponds.

Foto: Willen & Maesen
Foto: ZwemPlus
Foto: ZwemPlus
Foto: Ollevier & Co
Foto: Ollevier & Co
Project: ‘t Hoveniersbedrijf (B&B Maris Logies)
Project: ‘t Hoveniersbedrijf

‘Swimming pond is really an added value’

Bed & Breakfast Maris Logies in Kuringen (Hasselt, Belgium) has also chosen for a swimming pond in the garden. The owners indicate that they like the pond very much. Their guests really consider it an added value. They tell:

“The swimming pond is super! We have again been able to use it a lot this year. Our guests certainly consider it an added value. In recent years we have invested and renovated a lot in our bed & breakfast. We always try to give priority to the ecological aspect. The ‘hybrid swimming pool’ of ‘t Hoveniersbedrijf fits perfectly in this picture. It looks beautiful and sleek, but at the same time the plant zone ensures that the whole is nicely integrated into the garden. We are very happy that we can filter without chlorine and do not experience any odor nuisance! There is little maintenance to the swimming pond. The soil is purified by the vacuum cleaner and because there is a permanent filtration, leaves are driven to the plant zone.”

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