Good, better, bacteria!

To fully enjoy your (swimming) pond, it is important that your pond is in top condition. In this blog, we explain why adding pond bacteria is a must to keep your pond in top shape all year round.

Why adding pond bacteria?

A nitrogen cycle takes place in every ecosystem, releasing ammonia and nitrite; substances that are very harmful to your fish. A properly functioning filter converts these harmful substances into non-harmful substances. Only in new ponds and filter systems ammonia and nitrite are temporarily a problem until the water and filter have matured. By adding special bacteria, you ensure that the filter matures faster.

Mainly other substances such as proteins, oils, fats, feces and dead plant and food residues have a negative effect on the water quality of your pond. These substances are not broken down by the filter by default. To keep your pond clean and clear, it is therefore important to add additional pond bacteria. These beneficial bacteria break down organic debris and maintain the biological balance so that your pond is constantly in top condition.

When do you add pond bacteria?

You can boost your pond water by temporarily adding bacteria. For example during the start-up of your pond in spring or when opening a new pond. But you will really do your pond a favor by adding pond bacteria monthly. This way you follow the natural cycles in the water and keep the bacteria in your pond at a sustainable level throughout the year!

A top pond all year round with Microbe-Lift

The Microbe-Lift line from AquaForte is the solution for your pond. For each phase and season AquaForte Microbe-Lift has created unique products. Especially for starting up ponds in the spring and new ponds there is Microbe-Lift Filter Start. For a rapid and natural breakdown of bottom silt there is Microbe-Lift Sludge Away. During spring and summer, Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear keeps your pond water clear and healthy. And during the colder fall and winter months, Microbe-Lift Autumn Winter Prep ensures ideal pond condition. In short, with the special bacteria line of AquaForte Microbe-Lift, your pond is at its best all year round!

Pond bacteria for the best balance

Pond bacteria are essential for the natural balance in your pond. The various bacteria cultures help with pond maintenance and improve water quality. With AquaForte products, your pond is always in top condition!