How do I choose the right pond filter?

A pond with crystal clear water? You can only achieve this with the right pond filter. Whether you have an ornamental pond, koi pond or swimming pond, the water must be optimally filtered and purified. If waste products are not sufficiently removed from the water, unhealthy, green and turbid water is created. In this blog we tell you what to consider when choosing a pond filter.

Which filter is suitable for your pond?

A pond filter is therefore indispensable. Which filter is suitable for your pond depends on a number of factors. First, the size of the pond is important. Larger ponds have a larger filter needed. Secondly, the more fish in the pond, the larger the filter must be. In addition, purifying plants can relieve the filter by taking over part of the water purification. Finally, the location of the pond is important. If a pond is located in full sunlight, there is a greater chance of algae formation and you will need a larger filter. 

Mechanical and biological filtration

A pond pump transports pond water to the pond filter. In the pond filter, the water is cleaned. Many pond filters are equipped with both a mechanical and biological filter. Through mechanical filtration, the coarser, suspended waste is filtered from the water. Biological filtration takes place in the other part of the filter. Here useful bacteria convert waste from the pond into harmless substances. 

Filter systems for ponds up to 15 m³

Most ornamental and garden ponds are no larger than 15 m³. For these ponds, chamber filters or pressure filters are best suited. 

Chamber filters

Chamber filters have been popular in the pond world for many years. The pond water is led through several chambers containing different filter materials, such as filter brushes, filter mats and foam packages. The water is thus filtered in a mechanical and biological way.

Pressure filters

For the smaller garden ponds (up to 15,000 liters) with few fish, pressure filters are a suitable solution. One advantage of pressure filters is that they are very easy to maintain. By the pressure filter completely to dig it beautiful out of sight are placed. To prevent your pond water turns green AquaForte pressure filters are equipped with a UV-C lamp.

Filter systems for larger ponds

In larger ponds generally falls more leaves and other organic material. Then the use of a pre-filter is necessary. This filter ensures that coarse dirt is removed from the water and the biological pond filter is not clogged. A pre-filter works mechanically and is placed directly in front of the biological filter.

Sieve Filters

In a sieve filter, the water from the pond is passed over a curved sieve. The sieve consists of hundreds of triangular rods. The rods are slightly tilted so that the coarser dirt remains on the sieve and the “sieved” water falls through. The sieved water is then directed to the main filter.

Drum Filters

Drum filters are fully automatic pre-filters. The water enters the drum filter through the inlet chamber, after which it enters a drum-shaped sieve. The drum is equipped with a 60 micron stainless steel filter mesh, which means that dirt particles larger than 0.06 mm cannot pass through the mesh.

Biological main filter

After the pre-filter has filtered the coarser waste from the pond water, the water enters the main filter. Bead filters are the most compact and effective main filters. A bead filter is a closed pressure vessel filled with thousands of plastic beads. These beads are very close together and form a layer through which the water is forced under pressure from a pump. Besides this mechanical filtration, biological filtration also takes place in a bead filter. Useful bacteria attach themselves to the beads and break down harmful substances such as ammonium, nitrite and nitrate. Bead filters are not only suitable for ornamental or koi ponds but also indispensable in swimming ponds.

All-in-one solution

Would you prefer a compact, complete filter system, which is also easy to install? Then choose the AquaForte Plug & Play filter systems. The ideal solution for compact (swimming) pond filtration!