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AquaForte koi pond products; from hobby to professional

Koi carp are beautiful to look at and can therefore be found in many ponds. You get to know them, they start to trust you and after a while they even eat out of your hand. The development of the colors and the growth of the fish make a koi pond a hobby that is constantly evolving. AquaForte products allow you to enjoy your koi pond to the fullest. Whether it’s a smaller hobby pond or a professional koi pond: at AquaForte you’ve come to the right place. AquaForte offers a complete range for the construction and maintenance of koi ponds. The result: a clean, healthy and clear pond.

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The right products of great importance

AquaForte has a range of various filter systems for a clean and healthy pond. If waste products are not sufficiently removed from the water, a cloudy pond with unhealthy water will be created. There are several ways to filter your pond water. With mechanical filtration the coarser, floating waste is filtered out of the water. With biological filtration useful bacteria from the pond convert debris into harmless substances. In addition, we recommend disinfecting your water using a UV-C lamp. UV-C ensures clear pond water, so you can optimally enjoy your pond and koi carp.

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Installation with floating skimmer and bottom drain


Installation example with wall skimmer and bottom drain

In this filter installation an AquaForte SkimmerSieve is used as pre-filtration.

Pond builder/installer?

Become an authorized AquaForte dealer! We offer a complete range for the construction and maintenance of koi ponds, extensive knowledge of filter equipment and water treatment and of course specialist advice for your projects.

Products for your koi pond

We offer you a complete set for an optimal koi pond filter installation. In the overview below you will find suitable AquaForte products for every pond size.


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