Waterfalls and Fountains

Waterfall and fountain in your pond: soothing and functional

A stream, waterfall or fountain in your pond is not only beautiful and soothing, but also provides aeration. They constantly enrich the pond water with oxygen. And oxygen is essential for all living organisms in your pond. It is important to maintain your oxygen level to prevent fish mortality and algae growth. AquaForte has an extensive range of waterfalls, fountains and aeration.

Foto: RedKoi
Foto: RedKoi

Enjoy your water feature with AquaForte waterfalls and fountains.

Fountains and waterfalls in your pond are not only beautiful to look at and listen to, they are also functional. So they move the water, providing aeration. With the AquaForte Filterfalls and Fastfalls you can easily add a waterfall or watercourse to a new or existing water feature. Don’t have a pond, but would like a waterfall in your garden? Then this is possible with a ‘Pondless Waterfeature’. In a Pondless Waterfeature the water comes out in a buried reservoir, after which a pump pumps the water back to the waterfall. AquaForte also has a floating fountain in its assortment with three different fountain heads. The fountain is also available with an LED lighting set, so you can also enjoy your water feature in the evening.

Pond builder/installer?

Become an authorized AquaForte dealer! We offer a complete range for ponds and swimming ponds, extensive knowledge of filter equipment and water treatment and of course specialist advice for your projects.

Products for waterfalls, fountains and streams

We offer you a complete set for an optimal pond installation. In the overview below you will find suitable AquaForte products.


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