Pond care during your vacation: 6 tips

The summer season is upon us! Vacations are being planned and booked. You can take a pet with you or bring it to a guesthouse. But what happens to your pond during your absence? With the help of the following tips you can go on vacation with peace of mind.

1. Check the water values

Before you leave for your destination we recommend that you check the water values one last time. This is done in a jiffy by using test strips, drop tests or electronic measuring devices.

Have you measured all the values? Perhaps your pond is in tip-top shape. But you probably still need to work on restoring the natural balance in your pond. Correcting the values is easy by adding water treatment and water improvement products to your pond water. That way you can be sure that the aquatic life will be in top condition when you leave.

2. Consider purchasing a dosing pump

Do you also want to be sure that the water life remains in top condition during your vacation? Then you should periodically add water conditioners and bacteria to your pond water. The easy-to-program AquaForte Dosatech Dosing Pump can automatically add liquid maintenance products to your pond up to 24 times a day. The result: a clear pond while you enjoy your vacation!

3. Maintain the filter before you leave

Just as you give the filter a thorough cleaning in the spring, we also recommend doing this shortly before your departure. It is important that the filter system continues to run during your absence. This ensures that your pond remains clear and clean. With proper maintenance you can prevent the filter to stand still during your vacation with all its consequences.

4. Purchase an automatic feeder

Fish need regular feed to survive. You can fully automate the dispensing of fish food by purchasing an AquaForte automatic feeder. This will ensure that your fish get the right amount of food every day during your absence.

An automatic feeder is not just a must have during your vacation. Fish often get too much food, which in turn has a negative impact on water quality. Once you have measured the amount correctly, the food dispenser will ensure that you consistently give out the right amount of fish food at the right times.

5. Protect your pond from herons and cats

Your fish are fed on time, the filter works properly and the water quality is corrected. You are enjoying your vacation. Upon returning, however, you find that your pond has been fished out by a hungry heron or cat.

Fortunately, this can also be prevented. Through an (automatic) heron and cat scarecrow, such as the AquaForte GardenSniper, prevents the robbing of the pond and you can still go on vacation with peace of mind.

6. Ask if someone maintains the pond during your absence

If you know someone who understands ponds and is willing to maintain your pond during your vacation, then that’s a great solution. Koi ponds in particular require quite a bit of maintenance during the summer period. It is therefore advisable to properly instruct the person in advance and still make use of the above-mentioned automation solutions.