Fleece Filters

AquaForte Fleece Filters

A fleece filter filters the pond water by means of a membrane fleece through which the water passes. The dirt sticks to the fleece and the purified water then flows back into the pond.

AquaForte BioFleece Biological Fleece Filter

The filterfleece takes care of the mechanical filtration, and the “Bio-Drum” with filter media takes care of the biological filtration. The BioFleece has a very sturdy LDPE housing. The power supply uses a step down transformer to power the 24V motor. Annual running costs are minimal.

The water is pumped into the filter (1) and passes through the fleece membrane to gravity exit the filter through the “bio-drum” (3). The fleece membrane is capable of capturing solids up to approximately 40 micron therefore preventing the biological filter area from “bio fouling”. Nitrifying bacteria will establish on the filter media inside the “bio-drum” to break down any harmful ammonia and nitrite. The biological area is virtually maintenance free as only pre-filtered water will enter. The waste outlet in the bottom corner of the filter (2) can be used to purge out the sediment of heavier waste particles.

When the fleece membrane slowly saturates with waste the water level inside the filter house will rise until it reaches the top sensor (5). When this sensor is in contact with water for 60 seconds it will trigger the motor to run. The motor will slowly turn the bio-drum for 3 seconds to provide new (clean) fleece membrane for the water to flow through. This action causes the water level inside the filter to go down. After this action, the control unit has a delay time of 20 seconds in which it will not respond to the level sensor. If the sensor remains active because of an error (i.e. a blocked water return pipe), the control unit will trigger the motor function again up to 3 times. If the error has not corrected all LED indicators will flash in order to indicate the error. This safety function is especially designed to prevent unnecessary use of fleece membrane roll. When you press the red button you will manually cancel the error and the delay time. In the event that the motor does not operate correctly or the fleece membrane is not transported the right way, the water will always safely return to the pond through the safety outlet (4).

Art. nr. Type Size L x W x H Max Pump Cap. Bio Media Max. Food per day Inlet Outlet Waste outlet
SK880 BioFleece 300 55 x 50 x 70 cm 8 m³/h ± 30 L ± 200 gr. 50 mm 63 mm 40/50 mm
SK882 BioFleece 600 85 x 50 x 70 cm 20 m³/h ± 60 L ± 500 gr. 50 mm 90 mm 40/50 mm
SK884 BioFleece 1000 120 x 75 x 70 cm 30 m³/h ± 100 L ± 800 gr. 2 x 63 mm 110 mm 40/50 mm
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