Fleece Filters

AquaForte has two types of fleece filter in its range: the UltraFleece and the BioFleece. A fleece filter filters the pond water by means of a membrane fleece through which the water passes. The dirt sticks to the fleece and the purified water then flows back into the pond.

AquaForte Fleece Filters overview

AquaForte UltraFleece


The pond water passes from the top of the filter through a 110mm inlet and falls through the fleece. All dirt particles 0.02mm (20 microns) in size or larger are caught by the filter fleece. Only the purified water drops through and flows back into the pond.

Art. nr. Type Size L x W x H Pump Cap.
SK860 UltraFleece 600 PG 120 x 70 x 63 cm 28 m³/h
SK862 70 Mtr. Fleece for 600 PG 60 gr. 60 cm wide
SK858 BioBox for 600 PG 70,5 x 42,5 x 58 cm

AquaForte BioFleece

Mechanical and biological filtration in a single filter


With the BioFleece the pond water is pumped into the filter via the inlet (1). The water then has to pass through the 40-micron filter fleece and goes into the bio-drum (3). Here the water is biologically filtered and fed back into the pond. The filter fleece eliminates dirt particles that are 0.04mm in size or larger from the water. The coarse dirt settles and can be removed through the waste outlet (2).

Art. nr. Type Size L x W x H Max Pump Cap. Bio Media Max. Food per day Inlet Outlet Waste outlet
SK880 BioFleece 300 55 x 50 x 70 cm 8 m³/h ± 30 L ± 200 gr. 50 mm 63 mm 40/50 mm
SK882 BioFleece 600 85 x 50 x 70 cm 20 m³/h ± 60 L ± 500 gr. 50 mm 90 mm 40/50 mm
SK884 BioFleece 1000 120 x 75 x 70 cm 30 m³/h ± 100 L ± 800 gr. 2 x 63 mm 110 mm 40/50 mm

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