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Prevents (swimming) pond water from turning green

UV-C equipment is the solution for green pond water and is therefore indispensable in any (swimming) pond.

How does UV-C work?
The pond pump pumps the pond water through the UV-C unit, where it comes into contact with UV-C radiation. This radiation attacks the DNA structure of single-cell micro-organisms in the pond, such as bacteria, viruses and algae. As a result they can no longer reproduce and they disappear from the pond. The result is a clear, healthy pond without the addition of chemicals.UV-C is an environmentally friendly technique that reduces the maintenance of ponds and biopools.

Why UV-C?

  • Rapid improvement in the water quality
  • A crystal-clear pond without the addition of chemicals
  • Protects the fish against germs
  • Lower energy and maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly technology
  • Overdosing not possible
  • Reduces the maintenance of your pond

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AquaForte Buster UV-C 140W

AquaForte Buster UV-C 420W

AquaForte Buster UV-C 80W


AquaForte GUV-207 UV-C


AquaForte GUV-209 UV-C

AquaForte GUV-218 UV-C

AquaForte GUV-224 UV-C

AquaForte GUV-236 UV-C


AquaForte Immersion UV-C 40 watt spare parts set


AquaForte Immersion UV-C 75 watt spare parts set


AquaForte Immersion UV-C 80 watt amalgam spare parts set

AquaForte MIDI UV-C 40 watt T5

AquaForte MIDI UV-C 75 watt T5

AquaForte Power Signal UV 75 watt

AquaForte Power UV-C 40 Watt T5

AquaForte Power UV-C 75 Watt T5