AquaForte Animal Repellers

Effective solutions against unwanted animals

Do you also suffer from unwanted animals in your pond or garden? Then AquaForte offers the solution with its range of animal scares. With these products you keep unwanted animals at a distance. This prevents nuisance from herons and cats at ponds, for example.

AquaForte GardenSniper – Heron/Animal scares

Animal repellent with motion detector for outdoor use.

  • A sprayer with motion detector chases away observed animals with a short but frightening jet of water
  • .

  • Don’t use if there is a chance of frost
Type Advisory price excl. VAT
GardenSniper SB332 € 51.55


AquaForte Pond Defence – Ferrisy heron kit

With this electric wire you can prevent herons from reaching your pond. Non-hazardous but very effective electric wire system. Operation: The energizer gives an electrical impulse to the wire that is tensioned around the pond. When touched, an impulse is emitted which keeps the heron away from the pond. The annual electricity costs are about 0.22 euros, a minimal investment.

  • Safe for children and pets
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Very low power consumption
  • Materials fit in garden environment
Type Advisory price excl. VAT
Heron Kit 100 meters wire SB337 € 84.40

AquaForte Pond Nets

The nets are custom packed in full color box, including 10 plastic nails.

Type Advisory price excl. VAT
3 X 4 mtr SB310 € 8.30
4 X 4 mtr SB312 € 9.90
5 X 4 mtr SB314 € 11.20
6 X 4 mtr SB316 € 13.95


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