AquaForte High Flow Pond Pumps

AquaForte energy efficient high flow pond pumps

AquaForte offers a number of very energy efficient high flow pond pumps. Use for additional circulation in such koi ponds and fish farms.  

AquaForte HF Vario-S

Newest generation HiFlow pond pumps with controller for variable speeds of 30 to 100%. Due to Sine Wave technology these pumps are more Energy Saving!

Type Watt Flow m³/h Max. Head Outlet
HF-Vario S25.000 RD730 30-130 25 3 mtr Ø75mm
HF-Vario S35.000 RD731 60-200 35 4 mtr Ø110mm
HF-Vario S55.000 RD732 100-335 55 5 mtr Ø110mm

AquaForte Propellor Pumps

Large flow pumps with low energy consumption! Useful for extra circulation in e.g. koi ponds and fi sh farms. Suited for low pressure applications (like drum and fleece filters). Can pump solids up to 6mm. Size: 23 x 20 x 32 cm. Pump outlet is Ø110mm for standard waste pipe & fi ttings (not supplied).

Type Watt Flow m³/h Max. Head
HFP-50000 RD765 280 45 1 mtr
HFP-70000 RD766 550 70 3 mtr


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