AquaForte Automatic Fish Feeders for ponds

Enter desired quantities at set times

An automatic feeder is an easy tool to feed your fish in your pond during busy or vacation periods. In addition, you can adjust the dosage exactly to the eating behaviour of your fish. This stimulates the growth and health of the fish and prevents excess food residue in the pond, which puts less strain on the filter.

Tip: Fill your automatic feeder with the high quality AquaForte Koi- & Ornamental Fish Food.

AquaForte Automatic Fishfeeder 8L

Totally new concept in design and reliability. Suited for moist weather conditions. Easy to install. The lid has a special compartment for silica gel/desiccants to keep the food extra dry. Can hold up to 8 liter of food. Easy to expand to 15 liters by adding an extra container on top. Can feed pellets from 3 to 10 mm. Not suited for dried shrimps/insects.

1 – 6 feeding times per day.
Adjustable food amount from 5 g to 3 kg per day.
0 – 9 days interval options.
No memory loss after power off.
8 liter food capacity (expandable to 15 liter).

Versatile power options (not included):
– 4 AA batteries;
– Rechargeable battery pack;
– Power adapter;
– Solar panel.

Automatic Fish Feeder 8 Liter SK670
7 Liter extra container SK674
Solar panel SK676
Rechargeable battery pack SK678
Power adapter SK672


AquaForte Automatic Fishfeeder on batteries & 12V transformator

  • Can feed up to 6 times a day
  • Amount of food per feed can be set
  • Every feeding time can be set
  • Indication for low battery voltage. Runs on 4 “C/LR14” 1.5 V batteries (not included) or with the supplied 12V transformer
  • .

  • Cover and feed holder are removable for easy maintenance
  • LED display, displays the clock and enter parameters
  • Button for additional, manual feeding
  • 5 Liter feed capacity
  • Providing mounting brackets
Automatic Fish Feeder SK648


AquaForte Automatic Fish Feeder

New model, now available with 3-knob controller for easy programming! Using an automatic feeder to feed your fish has many advantages. You will get the most out of your fish by always giving them the correct amount of food. This makes for optimal growth and a more beautiful colour pattern for fish such as koi. Smaller quantities of food are dispensed per feed, which is healthier for the fish and better for the pond. When the fish eat all the food there is no unnecessary pollution of the water and the filter is less likely to become clogged. With the easy-to-program timer the fish can be fed 1 to 24 times a day fully automatically. You can set the quantity of food by setting the required number of dispensing seconds per feeding from 0 to 600 seconds. The fish can also be fed by using external automation with one or more automatic devices.

Voordelen van de AquaForte Voerautomaat:

  • Labour saving
  • Easily adjustable automatic feeding times
  • External automation possible for one or more automats
  • Suitable for particle size between 2 and 9mm
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Length of power cable 9 meters
  • Lower filter load
  • Feed container for 7 liters of feed
  • Dutch product
Fish Feeder SK644



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