AquaForte Drum Filters

Drum filters are fully automatic pre-filters.

Drum filters are fully automatic pre-filters. The water enters the drumfilter at the inlet chamber and then flow into a drum-shaped sieve. The AquaForte drum filter is fitted with a 60-micron stainless steel screen, so waste particles that are 0.06mm in size or larger can’t go through the screen. These waste particles will deposit on the inner side of the drum, which will decrease the output flow of clean water through the drum. This will cause a change in water level inside and outside the drum. The level switch will detect this change in water level and send a signal to the controller to activate the cleaning process. The device itself decides when the spray nozzles clean the screen depending on how dirty the screen is. The dirt is then rinsed into the drain. You decide whether the spray nozzles use tap water (min. pressure 2 bar, max. 4 bar) or clean pond water to rinse the screen. The filtered water flows through the sieve and is then taken to the main filter.

AquaForte Prime Drum filter with moving bed

The perfect combination for mechanical & biological filtration in one housing: Drum filter with moving bed. Very compact size for a total filter system, fits on 1 pallet! Drum filter part is identical to the AquaForte Prime Drumfilter XL. The moving bed module has a volume of over 200 liters and is therefore suitable for at least 100 liters of media/biorings (such as KNS, Helix, etc.(. Because of the slots in the passage, the bio chamber is not suitable for Eco Pondchips. Bio media is not included. Moving bed is equipped with large membrane aerator and piping for air pump connection. Max. flow ±30m³/h.

AquaForte Prime Combi-Drum SK832
Transparante deksel SK870
Dompel UV-C 40 watt onderdelenset SK380
Tankdoorvoer 1½” SK788

AquaForte Prime Drum Filter XL

  • Produced entirely in PP
  • Extra low installation height of only 10 cm above the water surface
  • Controller has various safety options, such as slow start for the motor and a motor protection device
  • Controller has several functions, such as a manual flush button and a function that flushes the drum once per hour as a standard
  • Only 1 cable from controller to drum filter: this splits into 3 cables to motor, float and lid switch
  • Lid switch for extra safety
  • Suitable for both a pump-fed and a gravity-fed set-up
  • Maximum flow 35 m³/h
  • Has 3 inputs of Ø 110mm and 2 outputs of Ø 110mm
  • Housing dimensions (L x W x H): 62 x 62 x 55 cm
  • 48 VDC motor
  • Separate, replaceable sieve elements of 75 microns
AquaForte Drum Filter XL SK833


AquaForte Drum Filter

Revolutionary breakthrough in technology and price range! The first affordable drum filter including professional, software, control.

  • Extremely low installation height of only 10 cm above the water surface
  • Loose, replaceable, screening elements of 60 micron
  • Max. flow 25m³/h
  • Controller with its own software control including many security options such as slow start for motor, motor amp protection, manual flush button, standard 1x per hour flush, etc.
  • 48VDC motor
  • Suitable for pump-powered and gravity setup (inlet chamber and drum chamber are both equipped with float mounting bracket). Float easily adjustable in height
  • 3 x Ø110mm inlet, 2 x Ø110mm outlet
  • Ø50mm connections in inlet chamber and drum chamber above and below
  • Position for 40watt amalgam immersion lamp is already centered (so only drill holes for throughput at specified point)
  • But 1 cable from controller to drum filter (it splits into 3 cables: motor, float and cover switch)
  • Providing cover switch (interrupts voltage to motor, coil pump and UV-C connection for safety)
  • Casing dimensions (L x W x H): 47 x 57 x 43 cm.
  • Dimensions incl. connections and motor: 50 x 70 x 43cm
AquaForte Drum Filter SK830

Ideal addition: AquaForte Bio Chamber

The ideal complement for the AquaForte drumfilter. Provided with 2 inlets Ø110mm that match the drumfilters’ outlets. Fitted with 2 chambers according the “down flow” principle with edges for 3 easy tray filter trays (34 x 60mm). Available as an empty unit for custom filling or complete with special moving bed modules (with Eco Pond chips) and T-profile filter foam. The 2 moving bed modules are provided with membrane air discs with 9mm airhose connections. The 2nd chamber has 5 T-profile foam mats with filter trays. Outlet: 1 x 90mm. Max. flow: 25 m³/h.

Bio chamber with moving bed modules (incl. Eco Pondchips) and T-profile filter mats SG560
Bio chamber empty SG562
Lid Bio chamber SG566


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