AquaForte Heating

Heating your (swimming) pond

AquaForte heating is applicable to both your pond and swimming pond. Want to prevent your (koi) pond freezing? Then the AquaForte ProfiHeater may be the ideal option. Would you like your swimming water to heat up faster so you can use your swimming pond earlier in the year or just extend the swimming season? Then choose a swimming pond heat pump from AquaForte. These are also ideal for the winter to prevent your pond from freezing over.

New: mini heat pumps that you easily connect to your above ground pool, above ground pool or spa!

The advantages of heating your swimming pond:

  • Extends the swimming season due to higher water temperatures.
  • It prevents the risk of frost damage.
  • Your filter remains more active/efficient at warmer temperatures.
  • The pond or swimming pond water is more quickly balanced in the spring.
  • Fish come through the winter healthy and have more resistance after the winter

AquaForte Pond- & Swimming pond heating

AquaForte Mini Heat Pumps

This new AquaForte Mini heat pump is available in both ABS plastic and metal housing. This AquaForte Mini heat pump is ideal for heating above ground pools. This can guarantee a long swimming season. Unique in this class of heat pumps is that it is equipped with automatic defrost function. With its 32/38mm hose connections, installing this heat pump is very easy.

Type KW AMP Capacity
Aquaforte mini ABS 3 kW SC997 0.63 4.1 3 kW
Aquaforte mini ABS 5 kW SC998 0.85 7.1 5 kW
Aquaforte mini Metal 3.3 kW SC987 0.95 4.3 3.3 kW
Aquaforte mini Metal 5 kW SC988 1.50 6.9 5 kW

AquaForte Full Inverter Heat Pump

This new series of AquaForte heat pumps are 100% full inverter heat pumps. The heat pump has an ABS housing with a very modern design, and is equipped with a Mitsubishi compressor and aWifi module. The heat pump has a high efficiency with a COP of 14.5 and is suitable for both heating and cooling. 5 year warranty on the compressor.

  • Fast heating
  • Constant water temperature
  • Low noise level
  • Wi-Fi control
  • R32 coolant
  • High energy efficiency
Type KW AMP Capacity
AquaForte Full Inverter Heat Pump 5,5 kW SC980 0.10~1.31 5.95 5,5kW
AquaForte Full Inverter Heat Pump 7,2 kW SC981 0.10~1.61 7.32 7,2kW
AquaForte Full Inverter Heat Pump 9,5 kW SC982 0.12~1.75 7.95 9,5kW
AquaForte Full Inverter Heat Pump 11,5 kW SC983 0.19~2.3 10.5 11.5kW
AquaForte Full Inverter Heat Pump 15,3 kW SC984 0.24~3.2 14.5 15.3kW
AquaForte Full Inverter Heat Pump 18 kW SC985 0.30-3.9 17.7 18kW