AquaForte Koi bowls

Temporary accommodations for your koi and other fish

Koi vats and koi bowls can be used as:

  • Temporary accommodation for your koi and fish
  • For inspecting your fish
  • Quarantine vat
  • Show vat
  • Breeding tank

AquaForte has several koi bowls and koi vats in its assortment. These are available in different materials and sizes.

AquaForte Flexible Koibowls

Handy foldable koi bowls / vats in 3 sizes. Easy to set up. Comes with storage bag. Equipped with detachable cover net.

Type Volume
Ø90 cm x H 60 cm (± 380 liter) SG230 380 ltr
Ø120 cm x H 60 cm (± 680 liter) SG232 680 ltr
Ø180 cm x H 60 cm (± 1500 liter) SG234 1500 ltr



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