AquaForte Mounting and Sealing

Pond products for sealing and mounting

It is very important for a pond to be installed correctly. In addition to having a good design and clear planning you need to select the correct (installation) materials. AquaForte offers a wide range of materials that you will need when building a pond.

AquaForte Superstrong

Seal everything, assemble everything. Odourless, high-quality, permanent elastic adhesive and sealant with a wide range of applications. Has excellent adhesion to almost any material. Replaces and combines assembly glue, wood glue, PU glue, silicone sealant, acrylic sealant, butylene sealant, etc..

Cured Superstrong is UV resistant and paintable. Contents 290 ml. Not suitable for PE & PP.

Type Advisory price excl. VAT
Black AK260 € 12.50
White AK261 € 14.50
Transparent AK262 € 14.50
Grey AK263 € 14.50
Anthracite AK264 € 14.50

AquaForte Landscaping Foam

– Won’t discolour like other foam! Blends into shadows
– Polyurethane sealant; ideal for ponds and waterfalls
– Fish and plant safe
– Superior adhesive for landscaping projects. Expands and fills voids
– Fill knot holes in trees to seal out water and pests
– Product has a dark grey colour after curing

Type Advisory price excl. VAT
Landscaping Foam 500ml (15L foam) AK256 € 9.50

AquaForte EKO Flex-Board

Flexible plastic border out of 100% recycled plastic (PE and PP).
– Colour: grey
– Maintenance free
– Long lasting
– Easy handling
– Shock resistant
– Height: 14 & 20 cm, thickness: 7mm, size of roll: 15 & 25 m
– Ideal for pond construction, garden borders, etc.
– Recommendation: use one stake every 50 cm

Type Advisory price excl. VAT
Flex-Board 14 cm L = 15 mtr MD743 € 47.40
Flex-Board 14 cm L = 25 mtr MD741 € 71.10
Flex-Board 20 cm L = 25 mtr MD746 € 96.75
Flex-Board “shelf” 14 cm X 2 meter (10mm thickness) MD742 € 8.15



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