AquaForte Other Filters

Other AquaForte Filters

In addition to our bead filters, drum filters, sieve filters and pressure filters, we have even more filters in our range. Think of the AquaForte BioFleece, about which you can find more information below, and the AquaForte multi-chamber (multibay) filters. Multi-chamber filters are the oldest filters in the pond world. The pond water passes through different filter units or chambers containing different filter materials, such as filter brushes, mats and foam packages. As a result, the water is filtered mechanically and biologically.

AquaForte Multibay with UV-C

AquaForte introduce competitive priced filter with 36watt UV-C lamp (PL lamp). Filter comes with filter media (biorings and filter foam) and fittings.

  • Inlet: slangtule 20/25/32/40.
  • Outlet: 75mm.
  • Max. pond size without fish load: 25 m³ at the 25.000, 18 m³ at the 18.000 and 12 m³ at the 12.000.
  • Max. pond size with fish load: 10 m³ at the 25.000, 7,5 m³ at the 18.000 and 5 m³ at the 12.000.
Type Max. pond Flow m³/h Size UV-C lamp
Multibay 12.000 SG456 12 m³ 5 56 x 38 x 44 cm 18 watt
Multibay 18.000 SG458 18 m³ 7.5 65 x 46 x 46 cm 36 watt
Multibay 25.000 SG460 25 m³ 10 79 x 53 x 51 cm 36 watt


AquaForte BioFleece Biological Fleece Filter

The AquaForte BioFleece filter offers the perfect combination of a mechanical and biological filter in one unit! The filterfleece takes care of the mechanical filtration, and the “Bio-Drum” with filter media takes care of the biological filtration. The BioFleece has a very sturdy LDPE housing. The power supply uses a step down transformer to power the 24V motor. Annual running costs are minimal.

How does it work?

The water is pumped into the filter and must then pass through the filter fleece before leaving the filter in free flow via the “bio drum”. The filter fleece stops all mechanical dirt particles up to about 40 microns so that the biological filter part can hardly get dirty. In the “bio drum” the nitrifying bacteria will settle in the existing filter material to break down harmful substances such as ammonium and nitrite. The bio part hardly needs any maintenance because only filtered water comes in. Heavy dirt particles that settle can be removed via the dirt trap.

Type Size Flow m³/h Media Max. food/day Inlet Outlet Waste Outlet
BioFleece 300 SK880 55 x 50 x 70 cm 8 ±30 L ±200 gr. 50 mm 63 mm 40/50 mm
BioFleece 600 SK882 85 x 50 x 70 cm 20 ±60 L ±500 gr. 50 mm 90 mm 40/50 mm
BioFleece 1000 SK884 120 x 75 x 70 cm 30 ±100 L ±800 gr. 2 x 63 mm 110 mm 40/50 mm