AquaForte Pond Illumination

Enjoy your (swimming) pond in the dark as well

Enjoy your (swimming) pond in the dark as well! AquaForte has a wide range of LED lighting for use in (swimming) ponds and gardens. The LED lighting is suitable for both wet and dry installation.

AquaForte Pond & Garden LED Lamps

With the LED lighting of AquaForte you can also enjoy your pond and garden in the dark. The lights can be used both above and under water. They have a light sensor, so they automatically switch on and off. The 1.6 watt version does not have a light sensor, but it does have red, yellow, green and blue color discs. Available per piece or as a set of 3 lights.

PL 1 x 1,6 watt (12 volt) SG165
PL 3 x 1,6 watt (12 volt) SG166
HP3-1 1 x 3 watt (12 volt) SG150
HP3-3 3 x 3 watt (12 volt) SG151
HP6-1 1 x 6 watt (12 volt) SG155
HP6-3 3 x 6 watt (12 volt) SG156
HP12-1 1 x 12 watt (12 volt) SG160
HP12-3 3 x 12 watt (12 volt) SG161


AquaForte Power LED Pond & Garden lighting

New generation 12 Volt high power LED spotlights suitable for both dry and wet setup. Equipped with light sensor for automatic on/off switching.

EL 1 (1 watt) SG152
EL 1-3 (3 x 1 watt) SG153
EL 6 (6 watt) SG157
EL 6 (3 x 6 watt) SG158



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