Pond Water Treatment

Your pond water in top condition!

In order to enjoy your pond optimally, it is important that your pond water is in top condition. To keep your water in top condition you should regularly check your water values and add water treatment and water improvement agents (good pond bacteria). Get to know the products of AquaForte, with which you reach, restore and maintain the natural balance in your pond.

What are water values and why are they so important?

All water values together determine the overall water quality. Because ponds in a garden often contain many more fish and other living creatures than in nature, we need to offer a helping hand to achieve a healthy balance. Here you will find more information about the ideal water values for (fish) ponds.

When is it extra important to pay attention to the water values of the pond?
  • At the startup of the pond
  • Filling the pond with (tap) water
  • For the duration of filling the pond with (tap) water.

  • At a large fish stock
  • For a lot of organic waste
  • When the pond water is not in balance

AquaForte Pond Water Treatment

AquaForte Alg-Stop Bio anti blanket weed (non biocide)

AquaForte Alg-Stop Bio supports the waste decomposing bacteria in reducing excess nutrients in the water. The blanket weed can no longer meet their nutrient requirements during the growth phase. The more algae in the pond, the greater the competition for nutrients. Because there are no longer enough nutrients available for the algae, the growth decreases considerably and the blanket weed will fade during the 3 week application. Other aquatic plants are not affected by the use of Alg-Stop BIO. Alg-Stop BIO does not act directly on the aquatic plant and does not contain a biocide active ingredient. To improve the well-being of pond fish, Alg-Stop BIO also enriches the pond water with valuable minerals.

Alg-Stop BIO is also very suitable for swimming ponds and is harmless for people, all pond inhabitants and also for animals that drink from the pond.

For the first application, add 1 kg per 20,000 liters of pond water for 3 weeks, once a week. After that 1 x per month 1 kg per 30.000 liters of pond water. Sprinkle Alg-Stop BIO over the entire water surface. With regular use, the biological balance is reached, the water becomes crystal clear and the algae are significantly reduced. Other anti-algae agents are not necessary.
Ingredients: Natural minerals, stone flour, Clinoptilolite, magnesium sodium sulfate.

Type Art.nr.
2.5 kilo SC816
5 kilo SC817
10 kilo SC818

AquaForte Biostabil water improvement

Improves water quality within a short time to provide a stable pond environment for Koi and other Coldwater fish whilst maintaining a consistent natural PH value, a stable alkalinity (KH) level and neutralises ammoniac and heavy metals. Fish vitality will greatly improve together with enhanced colour intensity.

Better water in 20 minutes:
– For fish vitality and enhanced colour
– Crystal water and natural pond environment
– Neutralises ammoniac and heavy metals
– Maintains natural KH & PH values

Dosage: Use 100gm of BioStabil per 1000 liters of pond water and apply the required quantity direct to the pond. Continue to run filter systems during application. It is recommended to use BioStabil twice per year or when required (in the event of a KH level lower than 5 dH). BioStabil will quickly address high or low PH values.

Type Art.nr.
2.5 kilo SC807

AquaForte Oxypond blanketweed killer

Oxypond (previously Oxyper) is not a chemical, but an active oxygen preparation that affects the cell structure of the algae, which makes them smaller or disappear.

Works directly against blanket weed by means of active oxygen:
– Contains special bacteria that break down algae residues
– Acts preventative against parasites and gill necrosis
– Absolutely free of heavy metals or organic biocides

Improvement of the water quality
In ponds surplus like uneaten food, fish droppings and organic build up, which will cause anaerobic sludge. These processes cause the declining of the oxygen in the water, which causes a lot of stress among the fish. Stress declines growth of the fish and makes them vulnerable to diseases. By using Oxypond the water quality clearly improves. Thanks to Oxypond the water exceeds in oxygen, which improves the life quality the fish demand. At the same time the colour and clearness of the water improves and becomes pure. Furthermore Oxypond fights blanket weed in a biological way. Add Oxypond directly into the water or onto the blanket weed. Do not exceed the advised dose.

Important: Do not use if the pH-values exceed ph 8,6. Treatment is allowed to be repeated after 3 days.

DOSAGE: 1000 gms Oxypond is enough for the treatment of approximately 20-50mġ water. The normal dosage of Oxypond is 30gms/mġ water. The allowed dosage cannot exceed 50gms/mġ. Small dosages of 10gms/mġ are suited to improve the oxygen level during fish transport. In soft water (carbonate hardness CH < 3Ḟ dH, total hardness dH < 6Ḟ dH) a lower dosage is sufficient, unless prior to the Oxypond, the water is treated with a product to increase the alkalinity, like Kusuri Bio Balance or AquaForte Bio Stabil. When used for the first time, dead leaves and other material can rise to the surface, because of the released oxygen.

Type Art.nr.
Oxypond 1 kilo SC800
Oxypond 2.5 kilo SC802
Oxypond 5 kilo SC804

AquaForte 5 in 1 Test strips

With these very reliable and clearly readable test strips you can measure the following water values:

  • pH: van 5,5 – 6,5 – 7,0 – 7,5 – 8,0 – 8,5 – 9,5.
  • KH (Alkalinity): van 0° – 2,3° – 4,5° – 6,7° – 10° – 17° – 40° dH.
  • GH (Hardness): van 0° – 1,4° – 4,2° – 8,4° – 17° – 56° dH.
  • NO₂ (Nitrite): van 0 – 0,5 – 1,0 – 3,0 – 5,0 – 10 – 20 mg/liter.
  • NO₃ (Nitrate): van 0 – 20 – 40 – 80 – 160 – 200 mg/liter.
Type Art.nr.
5 pad teststrips (50 pcs) SC823


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