AquaForte (Swim) Pond Skimmers & Bottom Drains

Keep your (swimming) pond water free of dirt

Due to changing weather conditions, waste such as leaves, pollen and dead insects are regularly blown into the pond. Skimmers catch this debris so that the water surface remains clean. They prevent dirt from sinking to the bottom, where it continues to rot and poses a danger to the oxygen content of the pond. AquaForte has a wide range of user-friendly skimmers (with and without pump) and wall skimmers.

AquaForte Floating Skimmer with pump

Floating skimmer with 60 watt pump, capacity up to 3000 l/h. For pond surfaces up to ± 50m². Easy to use, easy to clean. Fitted with skimmer basket, foam filter pad and 10 meter cable.

Floating Skimmer with pump SB254

AquaForte Inpond Standing Skimmer

Satellite style skimmer, easy to install. Max. flow up to 4500 l/h. Hosetail connection 20/25/ 32/40mm. Ø200cm, height 63 cm. Skimmer can float. Features a fixed foot which is designed to be filled up with stones for a good stability.

Floating Skimmer on standard SB256

AquaForte floating skimmer with basket

Floating skimmer with a diameter of ±200mm and a Ø110mm pipe connection at the bottom side. Comes with basket, can be used without basket.

Floating skimmer Ø200 x 110mm SB271

AquaForte Floating Surface Skimmer

The floating skimmer slides directly over a 160 -110 mm reducer and can than be connected to the pump or filter via a 110 mm tank connector. Height 280 mm, diameter 160mm.

Floating skimmer incl. reducer SB272

AquaForte Skimmer 23

In addition to housing and hiding the pump, the advanced filtration provided by an AquaForte skimmer is essential for maintaining a beautiful, healthy water garden. AquaForte skimmers provide mechanical filtration for outstanding water clarity.

– Super Flow weir doors for maximum surface cleaning
– Designed to be easily camouflaged with natural materials and plants
– Rugged high-density polyethylene shell warranted for life
– Each unit includes removable lid and basket

Type Flow m³/h Size Width inlet
Skimmer 23 SG320 7,5 – 15 49 x 65 x 55 cm 23 cm

AquaForte Pro Series Skimmers

AquaForte Skimmers and FilterFalls feature heavy-duty components that stand up to years of use. Skimmers come equipped with Super Flow weir doors, debris net and oversized brush panels that reduce maintenance. Satellite Skimmer – Drawing and cleaning water from hard-to-reach areas of a pond, the Satellite Skimmer is used in combination with (and plumbs into) the main pond skimmer.

1) Sturdy removable top lid supports natural rock camouflage and foot traffic
2) Heavy-duty brush panels provide maximum surface area water cleaning
3) Heavy-duty stainless steel framed trap net for catching large debris
4) Super Flow weir door for maximum surface cleaning
5) Gatekeeper brush panel (sold separately) allows leaves and debris to pass while restricting fish and frogs from entering the skimmer
6) 400 mil high-density polyethylene shell for the ultimate in durabilit

Type Flow m³/h Size Width inlet Filter
Satellite skimmer SG322 4 – 14 33 x 33 x 63 cm 15 cm Basket
Pro Skimmer 23 SG324 7.5 – 15 44 x 60 x 55 cm 15 cm Net, brushes
Pro Skimmer 35 SG326 15 – 26.5 63 x 75 x 60 cm 23 cm Net, brushes

AquaForte High Water Line Skimmer RVS

Special high water line skimmer with Ø160mm output for gravity applications. Has no flange closure at the top so the skimmer can really be placed against the border stone. The waterline can be up to 41mm under the lid! Can be connected directly to the AquaForte Skimmersieves (with Ø160mm input) or easily connected with adapter pieces 160-110mm to other sieves. Completely made of stainless steel 316. Wide skimmermouth of 500mm.

High water line skimmer 500mm SB274


AquaForte Prime Bioskimmer

Professional stainless steel skimmer for (swimming) ponds with shallow zones and / or plant filters. Equipped with Ø110mm connection for gravity setup. Can also be easily used for pump suction with flexible coupling fromØ110mm to Ø63mm (FC147). Equipped with stainless steel strainer basket. Minimum installation height 375mm, max. (total) height floating ring 550mm.

RVS Bioskimmer SK365

AquaForte Prime Bioskimmer proces

AquaForte Bottom drain (110mm) aerated

Heavy duty quality bottom drain with eccentric Ø110mm outlet. Fitted with rubber air membrane for optimal aeration and circulation. Fitted with ¾”female connection for supplied 90° hose tail 25mm for aeration hose.

Bottom drain 110mm aerated SC284

AquaForte Insertable Lid for bottom drain

The ideal solution for e.g. swimming ponds! Due to the strong rim there is a low risk when someone stands on top of the lid. The weight is distributed along the ring that rests on the bottom of a standard bottom drain. Very easy to insert/remove (for maintenance) with a koinet handle. Material: PE & stainless steel. Lid: Ø35cm x 1cm, bottom ring: Ø21cm x 2 cm. Total height: 20 cm. NOTE: comes in separate parts, due to shipping size. Easy to assemble.

Insertible Lid SB147


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