Save energy with AquaForte pond pumps

Do you have a pond that is kept clean by a filter? Or would you like a rustic watercourse, waterfall or fountain in your pond create? Then you need a good pond pump. AquaForte’s extensive range of energy-efficient pond pumps offers a solution for every application. In this blog we take you into the underwater world of the pond pump.

Why a pond pump?

Pond pumps, like pond filters, are indispensable for clean, clear and healthy water. Thus, a pond pump pumps dirty water to the filter and the UV-C device and clean water back to the pond. This water circulation also improves the absorption of oxygen from the environment. But for the creation of water features such as waterfalls, streams and fountains, you need a pond pump. AquaForte has the ideal pond pump for every purpose. From adjustable and non-adjustable pond pumps to high flow and swimming pond pumps.

Energy efficient pond pumps

All AquaForte pond pumps are energy efficient thanks to sustainable and innovative techniques. Our range of pond pumps is divided into four categories:

  1. Adjustable pond pumps

For an effective flow of pond water

  1. Non-adjustable pond pumps

Pond pumps with stable water circulation

  1. Swim pond pumps

Waterproof pond pumps specially for swimming ponds

  1. High flow pond pumps

Large-capacity pond pumps especially for koi ponds and fish farms

Adjustable pond pump: variable and economical

With an adjustable pond pump – the word says it all – you control the speed of your pump yourself. Thus you can easily adjust the power of your pond pump to the season and thus reduce consumption in winter. By choosing a variable speed pond pump you gain effectiveness and save energy. An advantageous and progressive choice!

Select and buy the right pond pump

Our dealers will gladly help you find the right pond pump for your (swimming) pond. They pay attention to various aspects such as the purpose of the pond pump, energy consumption, noise, head and capacity (the number of meters high and the number of liters per hour that a pump can pump). Of course, the AquaForte dealer also takes your specific needs into account. Will you go for a freestanding and easy to maintain dry mount of the pond pump? Or do you opt for a wet setup where the pond pump disappears from view under the water surface?

Expert advice from our AquaForte dealers

With all these questions you can contact our specialists. They will help you in the purchase of a pond pump. For reliable and expert advice tailored to your needs, please visit the local AquaForte dealer in your area.

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