Appearance of a traditional pool with the filtration technology of a pond

Would you like to have a biological pool, but not swim among plants and fish? Then a biopool is the perfect choice. A biopool or also called “hybrid pool” has the appearance of a traditional pool, only the water treatment does not involve chemicals. In fact, it uses the filtration technology of a pond. The filter system is mainly placed in a filter pit or shed, so it is not visible, but you can easily access it for maintenance. A biopool has a sleek appearance, no fish swim in it and no plant zones are used. Regular care and maintenance is necessary. Because a robot can keep the walls and bottom clean, optically you see no difference with a traditional pool. Only the water purification takes place naturally! In addition, you can easily extend the swimming season by using a heat pump.

Foto: Ollevier & Co
Foto: Vijver en Zwembadtechniek Nico Willeart
Foto: Ollevier & Co

Need inspiration for your biopool project?

The images above are just a few examples? View all examples of biopool projects that our customers have realized with AquaForte swimming pond products here. In addition, we have made the following video to give you a taste of the atmosphere of a biopool or swimming pond in your garden.

Add AquaForte in your biopool project?

As a private individual, we can refer you to one of our customers so that you can get appropriate advice on your question. If you are a professional in the swimming pond/biopool branch, we will of course be happy to explain our product range and look together how AquaForte fits into your product range. Personalized and customized!

Read on for advisory installation diagrams and a complete product overview for different sizes of Biopools..

Complete above ground biopool installation



Complete biopool installation with handy skimmer mouth