Crystal Clear (Biopool Type 4)

Swimming in natural water with limited flora and fauna

Enjoy swimming in natural water with limited flora and fauna, possibly separated from the swimming area. The constructionv and filter technology of this type of swimming pond guarantee crystal clear swimming water all year round. Energy-efficient pumps run 24/7 throughout the season. Regular care and maintenance are necessary. Crystal clear swimming ponds offer a natural swimming experience.

Add AquaForte to your swimming pond project?

As a private person, we can refer you to one of our installers so that you get appropriate advice on your question. If you are a professional in the swimming pond industry, we will of course be happy to explain our product range and look together how AquaForte fits into your product range. Personal and customized!

How to filter a Biopool CrystalClear?

Plug & Swim filter installation on a pallet

The ideal solution for professional and compact biopool filtration! This filter system comes completely pre-assembled on a plastic pallet with HDPE back wall. Only the power supply cable needs to be connected to the junction box. This filter system is suitable for ±80m³ biopool/swimming pond.

The advantages:

Filter system CrystalClear with recommended Plug & Filter Pallet type 4 Biopool:

Filter system CrystalClear with UltraSieve pre-filter and Bead filter:

Need inspiration for your swimming pond project?

The images above are just a few examples. View here all examples of swimming pond projects that our customers have realized with AquaForte products. In addition, we have made the following video to give you a taste of the atmosphere of a swimming pond or biopool in your garden.

Foto: ZwemPlus
Foto: ZwemPlus