Pure Nature

Pure Nature: rich natural experience

This swimming pond offers a rich natural experience, with a variety of flora and fauna. This type does not use any filtering technology, but a small waterfall, spring source or water feature may be used. It is normal for the water to be cloudy from time to time, as in nature. Energy costs are low or non-existent, and the maintenance is carried out periodically (pruning of plants, cleaning of the bottom). The walls of this type of swimming pond are not kept free of algae or biofilm. The use of bacteria is strongly recommended to reduce maintenance and improve the overall water quality.

Very likely the swimming water will be green and cloudy

Practically all ponds require a filter system, especially if the pond is used intensively. A pond without a filter is only possible if there are many purifying plants, few or no fish and no direct exposure to the sun. A type I swimming pond uses natural filtration provided by plants, and no technology is used. Because the water is stagnant, it is very likely the water will be green and cloudy in the warmer spring and summer months. Do you want to be sure of a pleasant swimming experience? Then choose one of the following four types of swimming ponds.


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