Swimming Pond type 3: CLEAR

‘This type looks like a traditional swimming pool, yet uses the filter technology of a swimming pond.’

This type of swimming pond offers a natural experience, good plant growth and a diversity of fauna. The carefully selected technology ensures clear water all year round. Techniques used: bottom drains, skimmers, sieve filters, bead filters and UV-C. Maintenance is carried out periodically (pruning of plants). Regular maintenance is also necessary (e.g. backwashing the filter). Clear swimming ponds offer a fine natural experience in clear swimming water.

Swimming pond builder / installer?

Become an authorized AquaForte dealer! We offer a complete swimming pond range, extensive knowledge of filter design and water treatment and of course also specialist advice on your projects.


Click on the images to enlarge. The first image shows a complete CLEAR installation. On the second you will see the application of the extremely handy AquaForte SkimmerSieve.

Which swimming pond products do I need?

We offer you a complete set for an optimal swimming pond filter installation. In the overview below you will find our AquaForte products, supplemented with a few renowned partner brand products. Contact us for more information and options!

Maximum size swimming pond 80m³ 120m³ 200m³
Pre-filter Ultrasieve III
UltraSieve Low
Skimmersieve Low
Ultrasieve III
UltraSieve Low L
Skimmersieve Low
Ultrasieve III
UltraSieve Low XL
Skimmersieve Low
Biological Filter UltraBead UB60 UltraBead UB100 UltraBead UB140
 Pump Blue Eco 320
Blue Eco 500
Blue Eco 500 Blue Eco 900
 UV-C unit Power Signal 75 watt UV-C Buster 130 watt amalgam UV-C Buster 3 x 130 watt amalgam UV-C
 Bacteria Dosatech dosage pump + Microbelift Clean & Clear Dosatech dosage pump + Microbelift Clean & Clear Dosatech dosage pump + Microbelift Clean & Clear

Product examples

RickSwimming Pond type 3: CLEAR