Why AquaForte swimming pond products?

AquaForte is the swimming pond brand within the largest swimming pool product company in the world: Fluidra Group. This results in a unique and complete range for swimming ponds through the combination of specialist pond and pool knowledge. The focus is on compact, easy-to-install and maintenance-friendly filter systems. Swimming pond water is kept in top condition by mechanical and biological filtration, without the addition of chemicals.

You will find all necessary products for every type of swimming pond under one roof at AquaForte!

Swimming pond builder / installer?

Become an authorized AquaForte dealer! We offer a complete swimming pond range, extensive knowledge of filter design and water treatment and of course also specialist advice on your projects.

The focus of AquaForte swimming pond technology:

Optimum water quality – without chemicals.

With years of experience in the pond sector, AquaForte Prime offers a perfectly balanced product range for the filtration and maintenance of ponds. With our products you create a safe, healthy environment in your pond, with or without plants. The result is optimum water quality, without adding chemicals.


AquaForte offers compact filter systems, which can be built into a filter pit, shed or garage, for example. This leaves you more space for your pond, and there is no need to sacrifice space in your garden for the filter technology.


The AquaForte filter systems are designed for quick, easy cleaning without the need to get dirty. This is possible because bead filters can be easily flushed while keeping one’s hands clean. Besides the fact that the AquaForte filter systems are very energy efficient, they also significantly reduce the maintenance of your pond.

Safe & Natural

AquaForte filter technology stands for safe, healthy, clear swimming water. It allows pond lovers to enjoy their pond carefree.

Control over your pond

With the AquaForte filter systems you have control over the quality of your pond. If your filter technology is not up to the task, your pond water can become cloudy and algae or biofilm may grow on the walls. With the help of safe, nature-friendly water filtration you can keep this under control. The result: a clear, healthy pond or swimming pond.

RickWhy AquaForte swimming pond products?