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Your pond in top condition

In order to enjoy your pond optimally, it is important that your pond water is in top condition. To keep your water in top condition, you should regularly check your water values and add water treatment and water improvement agents (good pond bacteria). Discover AquaForte products, which help you achieve, restore and maintain the natural balance in your pond.

What are water values and why are they so important?

All water values together determine the overall water quality. Because ponds in a garden often contain many more fish and other living creatures than in nature, we need to offer a helping hand to achieve a healthy balance. Here you will find more information about the ideal water values for (fish) ponds.

When is it especially important to pay attention to the water values of the pond?

  • When starting up the pond
  • During the (re)filling of the pond with (tap) water
  • In case of a large fish stock
  • With a lot of organic waste (e.g. in autumn)
  • When the pond water is not in balance

TIP: AquaForte Dosage Pump

AquaForte Dosatech 3 knops

Dispenses liquid solutions such as water treatment and improvement products into your pond’s piping system.

AquaForte Water Treatment Products

AquaForte Phosfree

Effective solution against blanket weed (filamentous algae)


A very effective solution to remove the nutrient (phosphate) so that we do not fight the result (blanked weed)! AquaForte Phosfree is an easy to dose product with lanthanum chloride as active ingredient that binds phosphate with lime and precipitates as a fine white powder. It is a colourless liquid that reacts directly with phosphate in water and then becomes visible as a milky glow. This white haze disappears quickly so is not long visible in the pond. However, it is important to know how much phosphate there is in the water to determine the first dosage. Once under control you only need 60ml per 50m³ weekly as a maintenance dosage.

Aquaforte Phosfree is available in a 1 litre bottle with special dosing cap or in a 3 litre bottle without dosing cap. An ideal combination can of course be made with the Aquaforte Dosatech dosing pump so that dosing is fully automatic!

Art. nr. Type Volume
TD100 Phosfree 1L 1 liter
TD102 Phosfree 3L 3 liter

AquaForte Pond Support Water Treatment

A complete range of water treatment and improvement products


  • GH+: Increases the Total hardness (GH value magnesium/calcium hardness) of your pond
  • KH+: Increases the alkalinity (carbonate hardness) of your pond
  • Maerl: Suited for the Construction of new ponds. Provides stable and healthy water quality in existing ponds. Increases the hardness of the water. Promotes the growth of beneficial micro-organisms
  • PH-: Decreases the pH value of the water
  • Oxypower: increases the oxygen level of the pond, promotes the resistance of fish against harmful products like ammonium and nitrite. Naturally reduces the sludge layer on the bottom of ponds
  • Algae powder: removes and prevents the growth of blanket weed
  • Pond salt: Prevents strong pH swings, high ammonium values, nitrite poisoning, fungus, parasites and reduces fish stress
  • Maintenance bacteria: take care of natural water cleaning processes
  • Nitrifying bacteria: for the start-up and maintenance of the biological processes in the pond water
  • Anti sludge bacteria: Remove algae and sludge in a biological and natural way
Art. nr. Type Volume
SC840 GH + (powder) 1 liter (± 1kg)
SC850 GH + (powder) 2½ liter (± 2½kg)
SC851 GH + (powder) 10 liter (± 10kg)
SC842 KH + (powder) 1 liter (± 1kg)
SC838 KH + (powder) 10 liter (± 10kg)
SC847 Maerl (powder) 1 liter (± 900g)
SC839 Maerl (powder) 10 liter (± 9kg)
SC845 PH- (powder) 1 liter (± 1500g)
SC843 Oxypower (powder) 1 liter (± 1200g)
SC852 Oxypower (powder) 2½ liter (± 3kg)
SC853 Oxypower (powder) 10 liter (± 12kg)
SC841 Pond Salt 1 liter (± 1200 g) 1 liter (± 1200g)
SC848 Maintenance bacteria (liquid) 1 liter
SC849 Nitrifying bacteria (liquid) 1 liter
SC844 Antislib bacteria (liquid) 1 liter

TIP: When using pond bacteria, turn the UV-C unit off for one or two days.


This filter cartridge ensures that phosphate from your pond is removed.


Phosphate is one of the main nutrients for algae (blanket weed) in a pond. That is why AquaForte has the Phospat in its range; a filter cartridge that removes phosphate, the nutrient for algae, from your pond. This filter cartridge makes it to keep the phosphate level below 0,035 mg/l. This is the “magic” limit that is too low for algae to grow but does not harm plants and bacteria. When the cartridge is saturated it must be replaced.

  • Reduces the phosphate in the water and supports the biofilter.
  • Suitable for ponds, swimming ponds and fountains.
  • Can absorb up to 90,000 mg (Phospat 1) or 270,000 mg (Phospat 3) phosphate.
  • Consists of three layers of filter media.
  • Multiple Phospat cartridges can be combined for larger ponds.
  • Phospat cartridges should at least be placed behind a pre-filter to prevent contamination.
Art. nr. Type Connection Max. flow
MB576 Phospat 1 1” male .thr. 1.1 m³/h
MB577 Phospat 3 1” male .thr. 3.3 m³/h

AquaForte Pondzinger

Specially developed to make ponds clear, safely remove algae and reduce phosphate.


The AquaForte Pond Zinger is made of safe, non-toxic, polymers. It safely removes algae from ponds, creating a healthy ecosystem with clean and clear water, where aquatic life can thrive. Attached to a fountain, bubbler, aerator, the steps of a waterfall, or at the end of a filter system, the Pond Zinger™ slowly dissolves, releasing its components into the pond where excess nutrients, such as Phosphorous, bind together and settle out. The result is improved pond water quality in terms of clarity, reduced phosphates and algae, odor control, decreased suspended solids, and metal discoloration removal. Independent studies have shown that the PONDZINGER™ can remove up to 75-85% phosphorus from pond!

As soon as the pond is clear, any remaining Pond Zinger™ can be removed and kept out of sunlight for later use. The pond will stay clear for much of the season unless more phosphate gets into it.

Art. nr. Type Max. pond 
MB560 AquaForte Pond Zinger 45 m³
MB561 AquaForte Pond Log 400 m³



AquaForte Alg-Stop & Alg-Stop Liquid


The active ingredient in AquaForte Alg-Stop is “packed” inside an additive that algae eagerly take in. Alg-Stop will block any further, vital, nutrient uptake. It does not withdraw nutrients from the water but makes the nutrients unavailable for the algae. Alg-Stop penetrates the algae and destroys the calcium skeleton which releases the algae from the surface so they can be filtered out of the water. Any measurable phosphate levels after the addition of Alg-Stop are no more relevant and can be neglected. Alg-Stop does not contain ammonium compounds or metal salts. Alg-Stop dissolves quickly in water so the algae can take it in fast.

Please note when using Alg-Stop: do not use Alg-Stop in combination with other blanket weed products, active carbon, nitrate resin and ozone. For optimal use please check water values before using Alg-Stop: GH value (optimal 12, at least 6), KH value (optimal 8, at least 4). Please dosage again after heavy rainfall or water changes. Please double the dosage for heavy algae areas or shallow water zones.

Alg-Stop is perfectly suited for natural swimming ponds. To keep the pond free of blanket weed, use Alg-Stop at least once per month.

Art. nr. Type
SC810 Alg-Stop 2,5 kg (powder)
SC812 Alg-Stop 5 kg (powder)
SC814 Alg-Stop 10 kg (powder)
SC811 Alg-Stop Liquid 2,5 liter
SC813 Alg-Stop Liquid 5 liter
SC815 Alg-Stop Liquid 10 liter

AquaForte BioStabil

Ensures a stable pond climate.


BioStabil does what the name promises: it provides a stable pond climate for koi and other fish in the pond. BioStabil does this by ensuring a natural pH value, stable KH value and by neutralizing ammonia and heavy metals. The result: your fish become more vital and show more intense colors.

Art. nr. Type
SC807 Biostabil 2,5 kg

AquaForte Oxypond

Removes blanket weed and improves water quality


AquaForte Oxypond is a blanket weed killer. The instant release of active oxygen (hydrogen peroxide H₂O₂) will destroy the cell structure of algae. The blanket weed will discolour, eventually come off the wall and finally die. Extra advantages: by using Oxypond the water exceeds in oxygen which will prevent future algae blooms and this will help in preventing parasite expansion and bacterial fish diseases. Oxypond supports the healing process in case of gill rot. Oxypond works only biologically and is therefore harmless to fish and pond plants. 1 kilo Oxypond treats 32.000 liters of pond water.

Art. nr. Type
SC800 Oxypond 1 kg
SC802 Oxypond 2,5 kg
SC804 Oxypond 5 kg

AquaForte Fountain Clear

Prevents algae and calcium problems in fountains.


AquaForte Fountain Clear prevents the growth of lime, algae, slippery biofilm and bacteria in fountains without fish or plants. It gives your water a natural freshness and cleans the surface. Lime scale deposits are removed and new limescale deposits are prevented. This also makes your pump less sensitive to malfunctions. Fountain Clear can be used both indoors and outdoors in water ornaments, ornamental fountains, room fountains and garden fountains (even if made of marble), fog makers and humidifiers. 1 litre Fountain Clear is suitable for 10.000 litres of fountain water.

Art. nr. Type
SC743 Fountain Clear 1 liter

AquaForte 5 in 1 Test strips

Measure the water values of your pond water.


With these very reliable and clearly readable test strips you can measure the following water values:

  • pH: from 5,5 – 6,5 – 7,0 – 7,5 – 8,0 – 8,5 – 9,5.
  • KH (Alkalinity): from 0° – 2,3° – 4,5° – 6,7° – 10° – 17° – 40° dH.
  • GH (Hardness): from 0° – 1,4° – 4,2° – 8,4° – 17° – 56° dH.
  • NO(Nitrite): from 0 – 0,5 – 1,0 – 3,0 – 5,0 – 10 – 20 mg/liter.
  • NO(Nitrate): from 0 – 20 – 40 – 80 – 160 – 200 mg/liter.
Art. nr. Type
SC823 5 in 1 test strips (50 pieces)

Partner brand: Microbe-Lift

Specialized in water treatment with good bacteria


The biological products from Microbe-Lift ensure that your pond water is optimal every season and therefore save you the necessary maintenance. How? By giving the natural processes in your pond a big boost at the right time. This way, the harmful processes in your pond are cut off at an early stage. As a result, you will not be bothered by, for example, algae and dirt that accumulate in your filter but you will also prevent sludge from forming on the soil so that harmful gasses resulting therefrom do not affect water quality. In most cases you can halve the maintenance that must be done later!

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