The ultimate answer against blanked weed? AquaForte Phosfree

As long as there are ponds, there has always been one big “enemy”: blanked weed (or filamentous algae)! No problem for the fish and the water, algae also produce oxygen in the water and can be a form of food for fish. But we don’t like green water and don’t want blanked weed! No wonder that anti-algae agents/products like UV-C units and water treatment agents are very popular. Green algae (green water) have been successfully combated with UV-C lamps for over 30 years, but the filamentous algae in the pond are of course not affected. Fortunately, there are sufficient means on the market to fight these (sometimes metre-long) green strings. There is however one big problem… they always come back!

Cause of the problem

The cause of this problem lies in the feed for the blanked weed; Phosphate. Algae are simple organisms, they only need sunlight and nutrition (phosphate) in contrast to, for example, our aquatic plants that need a full range of macro- and micro nutrients. This results in an excess of phosphate for which mother nature has a simple solution; algae. However, as soon as we kill blanket weed with agents, the cell structure of the algae breaks down and the phosphate returns to the water. This is why we have to keep repeating the use of these agents.

Effective solution against blanket weed

A more effective solution is to remove the nutrient so that we do not fight the result (blanked weed) but the cause (phosphate)! AquaForte Phosfree is an easy to dose product with lanthanum chloride as active ingredient that binds phosphate with lime and precipitates as a fine white powder. It is a colourless liquid that reacts directly with phosphate in water and then becomes visible as a milky glow. This white haze disappears quickly so is not long visible in the pond. However, it is important to know how much phosphate there is in the water to determine the first dosage. Once under control we only need 60ml per 50m³ weekly as a maintenance dosage.

Aquaforte Phosfree is available in a 1 litre bottle with special dosing cap or in a 3 litre bottle without dosing cap. An ideal combination can of course be made with the Aquaforte Dosatech dosing pump so that dosing is fully automatic!

RickThe ultimate answer against blanked weed? AquaForte Phosfree