Enjoy healthy swimming water: replace your UV-C lamp on time

A UV-C device protects swimmers from pathogens such as fungi, viruses and bacteria. It renders harmless certain microorganisms that chlorine does not kill. To ensure the disinfecting effect of the device, it is important to replace the UV-C lamp in a timely manner. When that is, we explain to you in this blog. In addition, we provide 2 practical tips to avoid late lamp replacement.

Lifespan versus disinfecting ability

UV-C technology uses radiation to break down the chemical compounds in microorganisms, preventing them from multiplying. A UV-C lamp has an effective life of an average of 9,000 hours. An amalgam UV-C lamp has a longer lifespan; it lasts an average of 13,000 hours. Although the lamp continues to burn after this number of hours, the strength of the radiation decreases and thus the disinfecting power. It is therefore important to replace a UV-C lamp on time.

So you are always on time with the replacement of the UV-C lamp

The effective 9,000 burning hours corresponds to approximately one year. Therefore, to guarantee safe and healthy swimming water, we recommend replacing a UV-C lamp every year. To prevent you from forgetting, we have 2 handy tips.

Tip 1: Replace the UV-C lamp every year around the same time

This is usually done in the spring so you can enjoy clean, healthy swimming water all summer long. Choose a set time and create an annual reminder in your digital calendar.

Tip 2: Use a lifetime indicator

Some UV-C units from AquaForte are equipped with an integrated LED timer that accurately tracks the life of the lamp. So you know exactly when to replace the UV-C lamp! The color of the LED timer indicates the status of the lamp. Green: the lamp is working optimally. Blinking green: the lamp life is nearing its end. Red: the effective life of the lamp has been reached. An activated indicator turns red after about 12 months: the signal to replace the lamp.

With these practical tips, you can carefree enjoy healthy and safe swimming water. Check out the wide range of UV-C products on our website!

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