Drum filters are fully automatic prefilters

Drum filters are fully automatic pre-filters. The water enters the drumfilter at the inlet chamber and then flow into a drum-shaped sieve. The AquaForte drum filter is fitted with a 60-micron stainless steel screen, so waste particles that are 0.06mm in size or larger can’t go through the screen. These waste particles will deposit on the inner side of the drum, which will decrease the output flow of clean water through the drum. This will cause a change in water level inside and outside the drum.

The level switch will detect this change in water level and send a signal to the controller to activate the cleaning process. The device itself decides when the spray nozzles clean the screen depending on how dirty the screen is. The dirt is then rinsed into the drain. You decide whether the spray nozzles use tap water (min. pressure 2 bar, max. 4 bar) or clean pond water to rinse the screen. The filtered water flows through the sieve and is then taken to the main filter.

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