Swimming Ponds & Biopools

Type Biopool

“This type looks like a traditional swimming pool, yet uses the filter technology of a pond. It is called ‘hybrid’ or Biopool.”


Type Crystal Clear

“Enjoy swimming in natural water with limited flora and fauna, possibly separated from the swimming area. The construction and filter technology of this type of swimming pond guarantee crystal clear swimming water all year round.”

Type Clear

“This type of swimming pond offers a natural experience, good plant growth and a diversity of fauna. The carefully selected technology ensures clear water all year round.”

Type Natural

“This type is almost the same as type Pure Nature, but with the use of
a little technology. Natural swimming ponds offer an intense, natural swimming experience.”

Type Pure Nature

“This swimming pond offers a rich natural experience, with
a variety of flora and fauna. This type does not use any
filtering technology. It is normal for the water to be
cloudy from time to time, as in nature.”

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