Pressure Filters

Pressure filters are suitable for the smaller garden ponds

Pressure filters are suitable for the smaller garden ponds with a few fish in it. Nowadays, these filters are often equipped with a built-in UV-C lamp, which prevents green water.

AquaForte Pressure Filters with UV-C & Backwash Function


  • Suitable for ponds without koi from 4m³ to 15m³ in size
  • Provided with backwash function for easy cleaning
  • Comes with hosetails 20/25/32/40 mm
  • Handle on the top for cleaning with clean and dry hands
Type Art. nr. Size Ø x H Max. pond Max. flow m³/h
CBF-4000 (9 watt UV-C) SG522 28 x 42 cm 4 m³ 2
CBF-8000 (11 watt UV-C) SG524 34 x 53 cm 8 m³ 4
CBF-12000 (24 watt UV-C) SG525 41 x 51 cm 12 m³ 6
CBF-15000 (36 watt UV-C) SG526 41 x 61 cm 15 m³ 8

AquaForte Pressure Filter Sets


Complete filter sets consisting of an AquaForte CBF pressure filter with UV-C, AquaForte EC pump, 10 meter pond hose and 4 hose clips.

– Complete pond filter with pond pump for crystal clear water
– Pressure filter with backwash function for easy cleaning
– Including energy-efficient pond pump
– Including all accessories
– Easy to install

Type Art. nr. Pump Max. pond Hose
CBF-4000 (PL 9 watt UV-C) SG550 EC-3500 4 m³ Ø25mm
CBF-8000 (PL 11 watt UV-C) SG551 EC-5000 8 m³ Ø25mm
CBF-12000 (PL 24 watt UV-C) SG552 EC-6500 12 m³ Ø32mm
CBF-15000 (PL 36 watt UV-C) SG553 EC-8000 15 m³ Ø32mm
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