AquaForte Sieve Filters

Sieve filters make sure the main filter is able to do its work better

AquaForte Sieve filters remove coarse dirt particles from the pond water before the water gets to the main filter. Since the water has already been ‘pre-filtered’, the main filter is able to do its work better and will not have to be cleaned as often.

In a sieve filter the water is led out of the pond over a curved sieve. The sieve consists of hundreds of triangular profile wires set 0.2 or 0.3mm (200 or 300 microns) apart. The wires are at a slight angle, so coarser dirt stays on the sieve and the ‘sieved’ water goes through it. The sieved water is then taken to the main filter. AquaForte has several sieve filters in its range.

In autumn in particular, garden waste that has blown into the pond is responsible for polluting the water.

AquaForte Sieve Filters overview

AquaForte UltraSieve III


UltraSieve filters are the most reliable pre-filters on the market. This is partly due to the simple design, with just one moving part. The pre-filter is not self-cleaning, but it is very easy to maintain. Open the slide valve and the debris can be washed away. The UltraSieve pre-filters have a stainless steel filter element that never needs to be replaced. Thanks to the triangular stainless steel rods at a 7° angle, the water falls directly through the sieve, but the debris remains. A major advantage of this principle is that the debris is truly removed from the water circulation. This is highly beneficial to the water quality, because waste products are no longer polluting the water.

  • The most efficient pre-filter (swimming)ponds
  • Reliable! (only one moving part)
  • Stainless steel filter element
  • Waste is directly separated from the water circulation
  • No noise
  • No water loss
  • Waste can be 100% recycled
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Ideal for swimming ponds!
  • Market leader for over 15 years
Art. nr. Type Size L x W x H Max flow m³/h Sieve Element
SK210 UltraSieve III 200 (extra fine) 2 inlets 65 x 37 x 100 cm ±30 200 Micron
SK211 UltraSieve III 300 (standard) 65 x 37 x 100 cm ±30 300 Micron
SK258 UltraSieve III 300 with 3 inlets 65 x 37 x 100 cm ±30 300 Micron

AquaForte UltraSieve Low, Low L & Low XL


• Large water capacity possible.
• The ‘LOW’ models have a high inlet (centre line at 50 cm).
• Easy to install.
• Flexibility of multiple inputs and outputs.
• Pre-filtration down to 200 or 300 microns.
• Maintenance-friendly.

Art. nr. Type Size L x W x H Max Flow m³/h Sieve Element
SK350 UltraSieve Low (2 inlets) 64 x 37 x 75 cm ±25 300 Micron
SK354 UltraSieve Low “L” (3 inlets) 64 x 53 x 75 cm ±35 300 Micron
SK200 UltraSieve Low “XL” (3 inlets) 64 x 73 x 75 cm ±40 300 Micron

AquaForte SkimmerSieve


  • Easy to install in any kind of pond.
  • High flow rate possible.
  • Possibilities for placing the SkimmerSieve farther from the pool.
  • Easily span distances of over 10 metres.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Multiple skimmers can be connected to Sieve.
  • Efficient debris collection.

Technical specifications:

  • The sets consist of an UltraSieve Midi or Low including an extra Ø160 mm inlet and a wide-mouth skimmer with a Ø160 mm flange connection.
  • The Ø160 mm flexible socket provides a direct and easy connection.
  • The skimmer has no basket, so all the debris goes directly to the screen for easy maintenance.
  • The Ø160 mm flange with skimmer mouth is available separately to connect two skimmers to one SkimmerSieve.
Art. nr. Type Max Flow m³/h Sieve Element
SK360 SkimmerSieve Midi ±12 300 Micron
SK362 SkimmerSieve Low ±25 300 Micron

AquaForte MIDISieve


The smaller version of the successful UltraSieve III is here! The perfect solution for pump capacities up to ±12m³/h (MidiSieve) or 15m³/h (MidiSieve XL).
The most ideal pre-filter! Create a compact filter system by combining the UltraSieve MIDI with a beadfilter or other pump fed filters. The pump connection comes with a long suction pipe which draws the water from under the float to prevent air suction.

  • 110mm Inlet
  • 2” Male thr. pump connection with 63mm PVC fitting
  • 2” Male thr. connection with end cap for waste removal (MidiSieve XL= 50mm)
  • Extreme compact dimensions
  • Comes with a 300 micron Stainless Steel screen
Art. nr. Type Size L x W x H Max Flow m³/h Sieve Element
SK332 MIDI Sieve 300 micron 56 x 27 x 74cm ±12 300 Micron
SK348 MIDI Sieve XL 300 micron 56 x 27 x 89cm ±15 300 Micron

AquaForte CompactSieve


Compact version of the UltraSieve for use only in a pump fed configuration. Very easy to use: a dirty water pond pump is connected directly to the CompactSieve input. The water flows through the sieve which removes all particle matter down to a size of 300 micron. The CompactSieve must always be installed above pond level. Now available in dark green and granite blue.


  • As a particle remover directly next to the pond or to a waterfall/stream return to pond (A)
  • As a mechanical particle waste pre-filter before surface mounted biological stages (B)
  • As a mechanical pre-filter for existing trickle filter systems (C)
  • The unit can be connected to a pond vacuum cleaner and the returned water from the vacuum cleaner can be fed into the input hose tail via a T-piece or directly. For extra particle removal and saving your precious matured pond water (D)
  • The unit can be connected to an existing pumped pond skimmer system. The unit must be mounted above pond water level (E)

The Stainless Steel filter element has a width of 24 cm and a length of 40 cm with 300 micron openings. Maximum flow rate is approximately 15 m³/h. Pump inlet: 25/32/40mm hose tail. Housing: dark-green or blue granite coloured PE. Shipped with cover. Output and overflow: 75mm push fittings.

Art. nr. Type Size L x W x H Max Flow m³/h Sieve Element
SK306 CompactSieve 300μ green 49 x 32 x 55 cm ±15 300 Micron
SK308 CompactSieve 300μ blue 49 x 32 x 55 cm ±15 300 Micron
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