AquaForte Bead Filters

Most compact pond filter on the market

Bead filters are closed (pressure) vessels, filled with thousands of plastic beads. These beads are very close together and form a layer through which the water is pressed under pressure of a pump. The dirt particles remain stuck in the beads. If the filters are used for a longer period of time, the biofilm (the sticky layer) around the beads becomes thicker, which causes increasingly fine dirt to be trapped.

Besides mechanical filtration, biological filtration also takes place in a bead filter. Useful bacteria attach themselves to the beads and break down harmful substances such as ammonium, nitrite and nitrate. A bead filter is easy to operate manually via the six-way valve. With this six-way valve various functions can be set, such as cleaning the filter. AquaForte has various bead filters in its range, such as the UltraBead and the EconoBead.

AquaForte UltraBead® Bead Filters

Mechanical and biological filtration

UltraBead® Bead Filters are unrivaled in filter performance because the filter combines both mechanical and biological filtration in one system. All models are standard equipped with a bypass and a redesigned valve construction. This ensures maximum pond water flow with minimal pressure loss.

The new generation of bead filters is made of indestructible thermoplastic. Production by the world’s most reliable injection moulding technique, provides an extra sturdy housing with molded base. The new series of bead filters consists of three models, suitable for a pond of up to 40, 60 or 100 m³. The UB140 is also equipped with 75 mm piping for even less resistance.

Type Beads Max. pond Max. fish Max. swimming pond
UB-60 SK403 120 ltr 40 m³ 100 kg 80 m³
UB-100 SK405 170 ltr 60 m³ 135 kg 120 m³
UB-140 SK407 255 ltr 100 m³ 200 kg 200 m³

AquaForte Bead Filters EB-Series

The Beadfilters EB-Series have a strong quality PE vessel and come equipped with: a bottom drain to remove the sludge from the bottom, 6-way valve, transparent lid, beads, and a very reliable blower! (also equipped with a silencer).

The Beadfilter EB-series is available in 5 sizes for ponds from ±10.000 to ±100.000 liter. Supplied with a large lid for easy access. Filters are delivered incl. beads.

Caution: Max. working pressure 1,2 bar (12 meter).

Bead filters are also the ideal filter for swimming ponds! Provide perfectly clear and healthy water!

Type Flow m³/h Max. pond Max. fish Max. swimming pond
EB-40 with Ø50 mm pipe work & 1½” 6-way valve SK520 15 10 m³ 35 kg 20 m³
EB-50 with Ø50 mm pipe work & 1½” 6-way valve SK522 15 20 m³ 50 kg 40 m³
EB-60 with Ø50 mm pipe work & 1½” 6-way valve SK524 15 35 m³ 80 kg 70 m³
EB-60 with Ø63mm pipe work & 2” 6-way valve SK525 25 35 m³ 80 kg 70 m³
EB-100 with Ø63mm pipe work & 2” 6-way valve SK526 25 60 m³ 135 kg 120 m³
EB-140 with Ø63mm pipe work & 2” 6-way valve SK527 25 100 m³ 200 kg 200 m³

AquaForte Bead Filter EB-Serie Complete

Unique on the European pond market: complete “PLUG & PLAY” filter systems pre-assembled on a plastic pallet. The solution for installers and “do it yourself”! Install a complete filter system in 15 minutes!

The sets consist of:
– AquaForte Beadfilter EB series with bypass
– MidiSieve (standard or elevated)
– 40 or 75 watts Power UV T5
– AquaForte DM-Vario 22000S pump

There are only 3 connections left to be made to the pond system: inlet from bottom drain/skimmer (110mm), return to the pond (63mm) and outlet (50mm). Pallet: 100 x 120 cm. The sets are fully assembled with all fittings, pipes, non-return valve and including plastic pallet!

Type Max. pond Filter Pump Pre-filter UV-C
Complete EB-50 Filter System SK500 ±20 m³ EB-50 DM-Vario 22000S MidiSieve 40 Watt Power UV T5
Complete EB-60 Filter System SK502 ±36 m³ EB-60 DM-Vario 22000S MidiSieve ‘elevated’ 75 Watt Power UV T5


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