Crystal Clear – max. 120m³

Ideal products for installation of a swimming pond Crystal Clear of up to 120m³

AquaForte specializes in products for the filtration and maintenance of swimming ponds of different sizes. Think of filters, pumps and water treatment agents. The following products we advise on the construction and maintenance of a ‘natural’ swimming pond. Ask your local pond builder/advisor for tailored advice for an optimal installation.

AquaForte Pre-filters

These pre-filters are suitable for swimming ponds of this size. Which one is most suitable for you depends on the installation height. Your local swimming pond builder/installer can advise you best.

Ultrasieve III
Flow m³/h
65 x 37 x 100 cm
Sieve element
300 micron
Ultrasieve Low L
Flow m³/h
64 x 53 x 75 cm
Sieve element
300 micron
SkimmerSieve Low
Flow m³/h
Sieve element
300 micron

AquaForte Biological Filter

The filters below are best suited for a swimming pond of up to 120 m³. We would like to explain the UltraBead® Bead filter here. Unrivalled in filter performance because the filter combines both mechanical and biological filtration in one system.

UltraBead UB 100
Max. Swimming Pond
120 m³
Max. Pond
60 m³
Max. Fish
135 kg
170 ltr beads

AquaForte Pump

These adjustable pumps are perfect for ponds up to 120 m³. For example, in winter you can easily reduce the power of the pump. This makes the pump more energy efficient and keeps the water moving and the biology of the pond in operation.

Prime Vario 50.000 liter
Flow m3/h
Max. Head
7.5 mtr

AquaForte UV-C Unit

UV-C equipment offers the solution against green pond water and is therefore indispensable in every pond and swimming pond. For a swimming pond of up to 120 m³ we recommend:

Buster UV-C 140W amalgaam
Flow m³/h
Max. (swimming) pond
100 m³
114 mm
950 mm

AquaForte Water Treatment

The swimming pond filter (also the natural one!) must perform optimally, and can use some help from Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear. The total solution for a guaranteed clear and healthy swimming pond with fish and plants. Completely biological.

Dose automatically with a Dosatech dosing system and you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear
4 Liter
Dosatech Doseerpomp

AquaForte Phosphate Filter

Phosphate is a food source for algae. AquaForte has special phosphate removers to remove these nutrients and keep your swimming pond free of algae.

Phospat 3
Flow m³/h

Partner brands complete the ideal system

These products are not of the brand AquaForte, but are within the product range of the parent company of AquaForte (SIBO Fluidra).

Cleaning Robot

Together with AquaForte swimming pool robot specialist Zodiac has developed a unique Biopool Swimming Pond Robot. The Alpha 63 iQ Biopool Robot is a four wheel driven robot. Due to the patented ‘Lift System’ the robot is easy to remove from the water. The robot loses all its water before it is lifted out of the swimming pond.

Alpha 63 iQ Biopool Robot


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