AquaForte Phosphate Removers

Effective solution against blanket weed (filamentous algae)

Phosphate is one of the main causes of (filamentous) algae in the water. AquaForte offers various solutions to remove phosphate from your pond water, such as the AquaForte Phospat cartridge and the liquid AquaForte Phosfree. With these products you prevent algae growth and green pond water.

AquaForte Phosphate Removers

AquaForte Phosfree

A very effective solution to remove the nutrient (phosphate) so that we do not fight the result (blanked weed)!! AquaForte Phosfree is an easy to dose product with lanthanum chloride as active ingredient that binds phosphate with lime and precipitates as a fine white powder. It is a colourless liquid that reacts directly with phosphate in water and then becomes visible as a milky glow. This white haze disappears quickly so is not long visible in the pond. However, it is important to know how much phosphate there is in the water to determine the first dosage. Once under control you only need 60ml per 50m³ weekly as a maintenance dosage.

Aquaforte Phosfreeis available in a 1 litre bottle with special dosing cap or in a 3 litre bottle without dosing cap. An ideal combination with theAquaforte Dosatech dosing pump so that dosing is fully automatic!

Phosfree 1L TD100
Phosfree 3L TD100


Phosphate is one of the main nutrients for algae (blanket weed) in a pond. This filter cartridge makes it to keep the phosphate level below 0,035 mg/l. This is the “magic” limit that is too low for algae to grow but does not harm plants and bacteria. When the cartridge is saturated it must be replaced.

– Reduces the phosphate in the water and supports the biofilter.
– Suitable for ponds, swimming ponds and fountains.
– Can absorb up to 90,000 mg (Phospat 1) or 270,000 mg (Phospat 3) phosphate.
– Consists of three layers of filter media.
– Multiple Phospat cartridges can be combined for larger ponds.
– Phospat cartridges should at least be placed behind a pre-filter to prevent contamination.

Type Connection Flow m³/h
Phospat 1 MB576 1” male thr. 1.1
Phospat 3 MB577 2” male thr. 3.3

AquaForte Pond Zinger

The AquaForte Pond Zinger is made of safe, non-toxic, polymers. It safely removes algae from ponds, creating a healthy ecosystem with clean and clear water, where aquatic life can thrive. Attached to a fountain, bubbler, aerator, the steps of a waterfall, or at the end of a filter system, the Pond Zinger™ slowly dissolves, releasing its components into the pond where excess nutrients, such as Phosphorous, bind together and settle out. The result is improved pond water quality in terms of clarity, reduced phosphates and algae, odor control, decreased suspended solids, and metal discoloration removal. Independent studies have shown that the PONDZINGER™ can remove up to 75-85% phosphorus from pond!

As soon as the pond is clear, any remaining Pond Zinger™ can be removed and kept out of sunlight for later use. The pond will stay clear for much of the season unless more phosphate gets into it.

Type Max. pond /h
AquaForte Pond Zinger MB560 45 m³
AquaForte Pond Log MB561 400 m³

Specially developed to make ponds clear, safely remove algae and reduce phosphate.


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