Swimming Water Treatment

Your swimming pond water in top condition

To fully enjoy your swimming pond or biopool it is important that the water is in top condition. To keep your water in top condition, you should regularly check the water values and add water treatment and water improvement agents (good pond bacteria). Discover the products of AquaForte, with which you can achieve, restore and maintain the natural balance in your swimming pond.

What are water values and why are they so important?

All water values together determine the overall water quality. Because swimming ponds are often used much more intensively than normal ponds in nature, we must offer a helping hand to achieve a healthy balance. Here you will find more information about the ideal water values for swimming ponds and biopools.

When is it extra important to pay attention to the water values of a swimming pond?


  • At the startup of the swimming pond
  • Filling up with (tap) water
  • Long time

  • When used intensively
  • For a lot of organic waste
  • When the water is not in balance

AquaForte Swimming water treatment

AquaForte pH Min Liquid

Liquid to lower the pH value when it is higher than 7.6 (in swimming pools). Essential for a correct water treatment, so that the skin of bathers is not irritated by a wrong balance of the pH value.

Add 1.2 liters of product to the water to lower the pH by 0.2 units per 100 m³ water volume. This dose serves as a guideline. The perfect pH balance for swimming pools is between 7.2 – 7.6. The pH value can easily be measured with a test strip and should be carried out weekly. This product is specially formulated to be added to the swimming pool water by means of automatic measuring and dosing pumps. Composition: sulphuric acid 400 g/Kg.

Type Art.no. Advice Price
pH min liquid 25L TD110 € 37.15

AquaForte pH Min Granulate

Granulated compound which reduces the pH level of the water when it is greater than 7,6. It is essential for proper water treatment, ensuring that bathers’ skin is not irritated by a pH imbalance.

Add 1.5 Kg. of product to reduce by 0,2 units per 100 m³ volume of water. This dose is meant as a guideline. The perfect pH balance should be between 7.2 – 7.6. The pH level is easily determined by using a pH and chlorine test kit and should be carried out twice daily. Pour the necessary dose in a container with water and spread the mixture evenly over the surface of the pool. COMPOSITION: sodium hydrogensulphate 1000 g/Kg.

Type Art.nr. Advisory price excl. VAT
pH min granulate 1.5 kg TD112 € 7.90

AquaForte TA Plus (KH plus) Alkalinity Booster

Powder compound to increase the total alkalinity in the swimming pool water when it is under 125 ppm. It is essential for ideal water conditions and to avoid a pH imbalance.

Add 1,8 Kg. of product to increase by 10 ppm. total alkalinity of 100 mġ of water. This dose is a guideline. The total alkalinity of water should be between 125-150 ppm (CaCO3), and be checked by a test kit once a week. Pour the necessary dose of product dissolved in water evenly over the swimming pool surface.
COMPOSITION: sodium hydrogen carbonate 1000 g/Kg.

Type Art.nr. Advisory price excl. VAT
Alkalinity booster 6 kg TD114 € 19.40

AquaForte Waterline Cleaner (non-foaming)

Non foaming detergent compound eliminating dirt and grease from dirty pool edges and walls.

Put product directly onto a sponge or cloth, rubbing the surface where cleaning is required. In those places where there are calcareous deposits, it will be necessary to use EXTRA DESCALER.
COMPOSITION: sodium hydroxyde 4.5 % / 2-butoxyethanol 3 %

Type Art.nr. Advisory price excl. VAT
Waterline Cleaner 1L TD128 € 6.20
Waterline Cleaner 1L TD130 € 12.40

AquaForte Natural Clarifier (biodegradable flocculant)

Biodegradable flocculant with great flocculation power capable of removing colloid particles from swimming pool water.

Maintenance treatment:
Home swimming pool: with the filtering equipment on and with no swimmers in the pool, add 40 ml of product for every 50 mġ of water every week. Commercial or busy swimming pool: treat the swimming pool water twice a week with double or triple the standard dose. Recovery treatment (cloudy water): For cloudy water, double or triple the standard dose. This guideline dose can be changed depending on the characteristics of each swimming pool, weather conditions, etc.

How to use:
-Check the filter pressure (clean if necessary).
-Pour the product dose directly into the swimming pool and spread evenly over the surface. No premixing is necessary.
-Keep the filtering system on for at least six hours after adding the product.

The product should preferably be added at dusk and without swimmers in the pool.
STEP 1: Hold the bottle upside down to fill the dosing chamber.
STEP 2: Unscrew the bottle’s lid.
STEP 3: Empty the dosing chamber.
SPECIFIC VOLUME. For a specific volume, tilt the bottle and let the amount required pour in.
COMPOSITION: chitosan acetate 20 g/kg

Type Art.nr. Advisory price excl. VAT
Natural Clarifier 1L TD104 € 12.55


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