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The revolutionary cleaner of your pool

Do you find the regular cleaning of your pool to be a time-consuming chore? The wireless pool robot will take this task off your hands, so all you have to do is enjoy! Thanks to Full-inverter technology, the motor is driven with advanced techniques resulting in an impressive battery life of 6 active hours. The smart navigation system analyzes the pool environment and performs efficient “3D S” cleaning with just a click of a button. This means that the AquaForte wireless pool robot navigates through the pool with an “S-Pattern”, unlike regular pool robots which work “criss-cross”. A big difference since these other robots will often double clean surfaces and be less efficient. This saves up to 60% in cleaning time.

Easily controlled via the app

Effortlessly set the desired cleaning cycle through the available app (Android and IOS). After the cleaning robot is set, it will automatically repeat the chosen cycle, provided it is sufficiently charged. This makes it possible to keep your pool clean for up to 2 weeks with just one charge, which is especially convenient during vacations. In fact, the robot can run up to 3 cleaning cycles with its full 6-hour battery life.

Impressive suction power

The AquaForte wireless pool robot has been tested under very extreme conditions. With its impressive suction power, this pool robot effortlessly removes all debris from the pool. This allows him to always maximally fill his filter basket before it needs to be emptied. As a result, the robot minimizes the frequency of manual maintenance as well as the use of chemicals, giving you more time to enjoy a clean and clear pool. With these advanced features, you are assured of effective and efficient cleaning of your pool.

  • Smart Navigation System for Efficient “3D S” Cleaning

    The full inverter technology provides 6 hours of continuous cleaning and keeps your pool fresh for longer.

  • Impressive battery life with full inverter technology

    With one click, the pool robot carries out an efficient “3D S” cleaning, saves up to 60 % cleaning time and ensures more pool fun.

  • Convenient intelligent controls for easy use, even remotely

    Control the pool robot easily with the app, wherever you are, for up to 2 weeks of clean pool after just one charge. Enjoy worry-free cleaning.

Long battery life
Easy to use via app
Impressive suction power
Intelligent navigation system
Modern design

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Integrate AquaForte into your swimming pond project?

If you are a individual, we can refer you to one of our dealers so that you can receive appropriate advice on your question. When you are a professional in the swimming pool industry, we will of course be happy to explain our product range to you and see together how AquaForte fits into your range. Personal and customized advice.

Product Specifications

Performance condition at floor mode

  • Battery life: 3 ~ 6 hours

Performance condition at floor/wall/waterline mode

  • Battery duration: 2 ~ 3,5 hours
  • Charging time: 2 ~ 4 hours
  • Battery capacity: 5,2 Ah (131 Wh) ~ 10,4 Ah (262 Wh)
  • Set & Forget: 1 ~ 3 Weeks
  • Robot weight: 11,5 ~ 12 kg


  • Optimal pool temperature: 0 ~ 35 °C
  • Cleaning modes: Floor – Floor/Wall/Waterline
  • Cycle settings: Once cycle / 24 hours / 48 hours / 72 hours
  • 3D S-Pad: Yes
  • App application: Yes
  • Filter capacity: 3,2L
  • Robot dimensions (L*W*H): 495 / 395 / 265
  • Accuracy of filtration: 80 mesh
  • Pump flow: 300 – 150(l/min)
  • Running power: 110 – 30W
  • Movement speed: 12m/min
  • Motor number: 3
  • Input charger: 90-265 V AC ~ 50/60 Hz
  • Current: 25,2V/1,2A
  • Charger power: 72,5 W

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